Friday, August 6, 2010

It's Never Really Over, Is it?

Just a normal Friday, right? Strolling through my blog roll, taking my time, reading some stories.

And then I saw this headline:
OMFG It's The Official LOST Epilogue

My heart stopped for a moment. I think my mouth went dry.

I had kind of forgotten about LOST, I'll admit. All that "what's going to happen?" and the Constants and the SIX YEARS of wanting answers had gotten to me. The end was too sentimental and emotional for a bunch of reasons that had nothing to do with a show. I think I needed the break. I'm not sure I'm ready to go back. But I really want to watch this clip. I haven't yet... I want to be comfortable.

I feel like it's bound to be disappointing now.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Choppin Wood

A Wee Bit More.

So, according to CNN, the finale will have an extra 14 minutes or so of footage on the DVD set. I've heard it will only be on the full series box set, but that may not be true. According to Michael Emerson (Ben), this extra scene will take place on island after Jack's death and focus on Hurley's time spent as Jacob. It's kind of lame that it will only be on the DVD, but that is kind of what I was most curious about after the finale was over. Besides, I was going to buy the full series set anyway.

Read about it here.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The End

So, what did you think?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bon Voyage

It's kind of weird to think about it ending, right? As much as we've reached a point in the story where I'm feeling a little "Dear God, Please just wrap it up", I'm pretty bummed to see LOST go. Beyond the actual show, I'm going to miss watching with friends every week, talking theories and making friends because of LOST. Many a times I have talked LOST with a person I've just met to ease the awkwardness. Many nights, I've huddled around the TV with friends - even back in New York I can remember sitting in a friend's apartment with some girl I didn't really know, while she screamed "I WANT ANSWERS". That was only season 3. And let's not forget all of those Maxwell family dinners/lunches/brunches that were ONLY LOST focused.

So, goodbye LOST. It's been real. At least I can focus on BSG now.

Come say goodbye.
Sunday, May 23rd.
1pm -- ??? (until LOST programming starts?? 6ish?)

My Backyard -- if you don't know where I live, let me know and I can give you the address. Please come through the alley.

Please bring something to share (or grill) and a chair (if you prefer sitting).

Also, there are some fabulous trophies: don't forget to wear a costume!!!

Lastly, an acoustic performance by the Constants. You may have heard of them.


Alright everybody, the time is upon us. Let's hear your predictions for the finale. They can be totally obvious, or completely out of left field. Now's the time to throw in your lot so that on Monday morning you can say "Called it!" Post yours in the comments or just tell me why mine are wrong.

Here's mine:

1. Jack won't be the new Jacob (or not for long). It all seems to cut and dry for me. And he was too willing. Jacob didn't want to be the Island's protector, nor was he the Mother's first choice. My guess? Judging by Hurley's "I'm glad it's not me" comment, it will be him.

2. Sayid will be back, and in a big way. If he was a candidate, he probably couldn't die. Although it seems impossible for him to live through that, I'm convinced he's coming back. Perhaps with Lapidus on his coat tails.

3. Desmond will enter the Source, and come out in the flash-sideways. He must convince everyone to go back to the Island in order to insure the timeline where he reunites with Penny takes place. HE FAILS, and everyone lives happily ever after in the flash-sideways but him.

4. The series ends with the new Jacob and MIB sitting on the beach. A new group of survivors are washed ashore. Among them: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Special Agent Dale Cooper, and someone played by Lance Henriksen.

I'm probably wrong. I have a pretty good feeling about that last one though.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What They Died For

I didn't imagine that Smiths reference right? I'm sure it was on purpose, right? Man, it's nice to have good ol' weasley Ben back, right? And Man In Locke wants to destroy the Island? Awesome. And Jack is Jacob, right? Unless maybe something happens before that fire goes out. It just seems to cut and dry at this point. There has to be a twist, right? Maybe not. I liked Ana Lucia showing up as a crooked cop. Also, it was nice to see Rousseau lookin' fine.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Thanks Jorge!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Across the Sea

Well, we have SOME answers.

We know how the black smoke monster was created.

We know (as much as we're going to) where Jacob and the Man in Black's issues came from.

We know who Adam and Eve are.

What is in the wine? What does it do to Jacob?

Is the Man in Black we later see just a ghost inhabiting his body? Who is Fake Locke? Is he really just two dead people?

Is electromagnetism the fountain of youth? Is this the same well as in the temple? Has it been getting darker over time as more people go into it? What does this mean for Sayid (if he was alive) or Ben (assuming the Others put him in the fountain)?

It's interesting how Mother Dearest talks about how people are corrupt and fight and destroy, when essentially, that's what Jacob, her and the Man in Black do to each other.

Monday, May 10, 2010

This Is Amazing

Remember when I used to post the "When Were They Then" videos? This article is way better. Check out Terry O'Quinn up there! Follow the link for more. I think Lapidus is actually my favorite.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LOST finale to be extended by 30 minutes!

Hello, all. I'm sure you're all reeling after losing THREE people whom we've loved for the past six years (and maybe Frank), but I have good news! Apparently, Darlton didn't feel as though a two hour finale would be long enough, so it will now run from 9 p.m. until 11:30! The 23rd is looking better and better!

Read about it here.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Candidate

Holy crap. Most suspenseful episode ever. Poor Sun and Jin. Do you think Jin's dead for good this time, Biz and Al? It wasn't that sad when they (probably) died, but totally sad when Hugo started crying. Good to see Dr. Nadler, and it's kind of nice to see Anthony Cooper, especially in a vegetative state, even though he might not have deserved it in that reality. And Smokey Locke sure is a rat, huh? Alright, I gotta go recouperate from all that intensity.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I think everything on this flier is set in stone. The only questionable thing is the time.... but 9 is a safe bet.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Last Recruit

What a jam-packed episode. Ok, full disclosure: I was a little drunk watching this, so I can't really remember the details.
I like that the Survivors did their own thang, that Sawyer and Jack worked together and everyone always goes to the same hospital. Oh and Claire's big brother issues. Don't I know where she's coming from! Big brothers - they are the worst!

So, does Widmore not give a shit about them, but knows that he can't kill them? Does Locke really think Jack is with him (I don't think he is - if Jack knows that he shouldn't let him leave the island)? Will Locke see the alternate reality from his surgery? What does Desmond know? Is Sayid turning back to good? I don't think there's anyway he actually killed Desmond (as Biz pointed out, they'd never do that off-screen). Oh and Smoke Monster was Christian Shepard. What a jerk.

Oh and then there was this:




May 23rd, afternoonish

LOST Goodbye BBQ

COSTUME CONTEST * the Constants * BBQ * All things LOST

please note, this BBQ is to share in the love of LOST and to celebrate the end - it is not to watch the finale.

Details to follow.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Everybody Loves Hugo

Good ol' Hurley. Even if his flash sideways was a bit "filler-y", it was still pretty great. 'Cause seriously...every one loves Hugo. Right? Plus the on-Island timeline was pretty awesome. The return of the whispers, who turn out to be those who can't move on, like Michael. So perhaps the Island is kind of hell or purgatory, but not only those things. I don't know. And how awesome was is when Ilana exploded, Arzt style? I totally saw it coming, but was still somehow surprised when it actually did. Awesome stuff. That paired with Desmond running down wheel-chair bound Locke made for some of the best "oh shit" moments of the season.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happily Ever After

Things (people) that annoy me: Zoe and Charlie. Charlie was really getting on my nerves.

But, I still love Desmond. He brings everything together!

Does Eloise know everything?
Is the alternate reality what everyone wanted for their life? i.e. Desmond only wanted the approval of Charles Widmore, and that's what he got in his alternate reality.
Was Daniel Faraday Widmore wearing a wig?
Can you only access your original life through love or a near-death experience?
Does that mean that Kate is not Jack or Sawyer's love?
Why hasn't the other survivors had flashbacks of the island when running into each other?
How is Desmond going to show them? Plane crash? Meet in Eloise's basement?
Why did Desmond so easily go with Sayid? What does he know now?

I do like how they blended the island timeline with the alternate reality. It was so similar to how Desmond time traveled back in Season 3 that it felt more natural. Like what was happening on the Island was causing him to travel to the alternate reality.

Also, it was nice to get a break from all this Jacob-Black Smoke Monster crap.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Package

Man, Jin didn't even TRY to hide in the bathroom. He just made sure he was lookin' good when that door opened! I was so disappointed his didn't greet that guy with a karate chop to the neck. He's still taking orders from Mr. Paik, and he blew it by not declaring that wad of cash in customs. Now Keamy's pissed, but that works out for us, because then we get to see the Mad Russian himself, Mikail. With two eyes!!! (but not for long.)

How about the return to Room 23? Pretty rad.

The Man in Black (Man in Locke, Flocke, Demon Locke, Esau) told Sun that he needed Kate because he was 3 people short of geting of the island and she can help get those people. Who do you think she's talking about? My money's on Sawyer, but who else???

Does anyone else remember one of Widmore's cronies as Chip from Kate & Allie? Am I the only one who remembers Kate & Allie?

And then there's the not so shocking, but still totally rad return of Desmond. I bet getting drugged then pulled of a submarine, and hanging off the dock and looking into the beautiful brown eyes of a Mer-Man Sayid would be pretty trippy.

By the way, you ladies can thank me for taking that screenshot of Jin. Special thanks to Brandi and Gabba for letting me interrupt America's Funniest Home Videos long enough to do so.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ab Aeterno

A few questions:

Why could Ben summon the smoke monster?
Was Jacob dunking Richard in the ocean a baptism?
Why did the smoke monster kill everyone but Richard -- because he was the easiest to manipulate?
How does Jacob choose who he brings to the Island?
When exactly did Richard start cutting his hair?

It seems like Jacob and the Man In Black (who I'm referring to as Esau) are just playing some game. Well, Esau wants to get off the island - he's evil incarnate and Jacob has to keep him there. Can he die? How did he get ON the island?

Meanwhile, for kicks, Jacob brings people to the island to watch how they choose the right thing with their free will. Basically, he's just getting some shits and giggles from watching things play out. Why doesn't he want to talk to people he brings to the island? Guilt? He seems kind of like a jerk. I do find it interesting that Jacob and the Man in Black must be killed the same way (knife through the heart before he speaks). Did that not apply when Ben killed Jacob?

Why are there only a set number of candidates? The "last of the candidates" are the 815 survivors. Why are they the last?

Did anyone catch that the captain of the Black Rock was Magnus Hanso? Did we know that already?

How did that ship wreck that statue? That must have been a strong ship, right? I mean, seriously.

What else? Isn't Richard Alpert dreamy?

Post your thoughts and theories in the comments. If you post it, then you can say you called it!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


He was a southern orphan hell-bent on revenge. He was a smart-ass up and comer with a secret life as a ghostbuster. Together, they're Sawyer and Straum: LAPD. So that was pretty cool, right? There's got to be something else interesting to talk about from last night's episode. Oh yeah! The preview for the Alpert episode next week! Looks good! Don't let me down, LOST!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dr. Linus

Poor, sad, lonely Ben. But he didn't die.... no, no, no. And he didn't become principal either.

I'm happy there was a Ben-centric episode and I really think that his sideways story was just meant to remind you that you kinda liked him OK. And that he's not so much of a terrible person for letting Alex die, cuz, see, he just got her into Yale! He did the right thing this time! Only, it's college, not life and isn't it creepy when some History teacher takes a special liking to a female student? I guess it's creepy when some guy steals a baby and raises it on its own too, so whatever.

Speaking of death - the candidates can't kill themselves. Wouldn't the Candidates be a good rival band for the Constants? Just sayin'. So, Richard hasn't been able to die and that's why he hasn't aged? Will the other Candidates (the 815 survivors) not age too? I don't get some of this, but frankly, I haven't put much effort into trying to figure it out.

That leads me to the poll. That's right, we've got a poll. The show is wrapping up - every preview is supposed to pump you up for the big giant finale. But is anyone just over it?

Oh, and a moment for Jack. Finally, Jack seemed to do something right. It was so nice to go back to classic Lost. We're on the beach, there's scary things out there, we're camping out and moving in slow motion to classic LOST music.

Oh, and Widmore is on a submarine. What do you all think about that?! When does Desmond come back!

Speak to us, people. Let us know if you're over it. And if you're not, comment away.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Watch This Now.

You're Welcome.

(Thanks Adrian)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


"I feel like I just got laid for the first time since 'The Constant'." - Matt Maxwell, after viewing this episode.

Hi! So, for Madewell's and my birthday, the LOST producers decided to give us the best episode in years. There were few answers, but I don't think there has ever been such a high concentration of Sayid kicking ass.

Let's start with the Sideways timeline:

-Apparently in 2004, instead of being missing, Nadia is married to Sayid's brother. What's up with that?

-Keamy is a loan shark. Well, he was. That is until Sayid hella owned!

-What did Jin ever do to Keamy?

Now for the real fire. Here's what happened on island:

-Sayid fights a Kung Fu master.

-Flocke is invincible!

-Claire doesn't seem to want to kill Kate anymore.

-Ben Linus is more confused than ever.

-"Catch a Falling Star" has never sounded more awesome.

-Why is it that after Dogen died, the ash was no longer effective?

So, okay. Did anyone not like this episode? It was full of kickass. Anyone who picked Sayid for their Fantasy team must have gotten so many points. Not only did Sayid kill five people, but it was his episode, and he got wet! Well, anyway, what'd you think?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So, Jack is a dad. It's kind of mind blowing that the bomb blast didn't only change from the point the plane should have crashed onward, but it seems to have SERIOUSLY altered their lives up until that point as well. I know that was already revealed, but what could've made things so different that Jack has a kid? I guess that whole Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park butterfly flaps it's wings thing applies here, huh? Claire's pretty crazy. And still Jack's sister in the flash side-ways, though he still doesn't know it. And that lighthouse...a little too fairy tale-ish for me, but we'll see where it leads. I guess we finally know the numbers are coordinates, unless their meaning goes even deeper. Remember way back in season one when Hurley says he first heard the numbers from a guy in the mental institution that kept repeating them, and HE heard them over a radio when he was in the Pacific? Do you think the voice was Jacob then?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Substitute

First and foremost, I've decided to keep this photo up until I get sick of my MSCL joke. Which may be never.

This was oh-so-much-better than last week's episode. Let's get straight to the point:
Everyone's got a number! Except Kate. WHY DOESN'T KATE HAVE A NUMBER? To recount:
4-Locke, 8-Reyes, 15-Ford, 16-Jarrah, 23-Shephard, 42-Kwon
Locke is dead and gets crossed out -- will they go in order? Is Hurley next?
Why are they candidates? Does the island need protecting?

We also have a kid running through the forest that Sawyer and Fake Locke can see, but Richard can't. Why can't Richard see him? Is the kid young Jacob?

Is Sawyer going to take up with Smokey? Is this really bad? Do good and evil even exist anymore?

Remember when people had constants and Faraday's constant was Desmond? Sigh.

I did like the parts with Ben, though I think he's more of a math or English teacher. Not History. And I enjoyed his eulogy. More Ben!

I totally didn't get the Jacob's Ladder reference until now.

Also, Allegory of the Cave. I remember high school English after all!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ha Ha Ha

From my friend Adrian:

Q: Why did the black smoke monster cross the road? A: To get to the other ... Sayid!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What Kate Does

Man, last night's episode was...a Kate episode. Mostly filler. What do you think was in that pill? My guess: some Jacob Ashes. Do you think the "infection" is the same one that plagued Rousseau's crew? And who else is tired of Jack being such a dick about everything? How about Claire showing up and killing some fools? Is she really "infected"?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fantasy LOST score sheet & players

To Keep Score:

The link for this spreadsheet is here.

To See Who Has What Characters:

The link for this spreadsheet is here.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Geronimo Jack's Beard

Jorge Garcia has started a podcast! It's pretty lo-fi, but awesome for a few reasons:

1. It's him and his girlfriend giving their initial reaction after reading the script. This one was recorded months ago and it really reflects how little anyone knows what's going on.
2. Beth is the classic girlfriend who seems to be frustrated when things don't make sense and there's no hard answers.
3. He spends much of the time pondering the spelling mistakes in the script.
4. It's called Geronimo Jack's Beard!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LA X: Parts 1&2

Alright, kids, here we have the season opener. The two parts to this episode focused on two timelines: the original timeline, on the island following the detonation of the hydrogen bomb and an alternate timeline, where everyone is still on the plane and land successfully in LAX. (note: did you notice that the title of this ep is not "LAX" but rather "LA X" with a space?) Let's talk about the alternate timeline first:

A few things happen: Jack , with the help of Sayid, saves Charlie's life; Locke befriends Boone; Kate has an elevator ride with Sawyer, escapes her Marshal and jumps in a cab with Claire; Shannon isn't on the plane; Jin gets taken away at customs, while Sun pretends to not know English; Hurley is the luckiest guy ever, yet Sawyer tells him not to tell people he's won the lotto; Desmond sits next to Jack, but then disappears after one of Jack's 12 billion trips to the bathroom (also: Jack recognizes him -- is it from meeting him when they were both running up and down the stairs of the stadium?); Christian Sheppard's coffin goes missing; Charlie is arrested for posession. Most importantly, the whole island, including the statue and Dharma barracks are under water. Thank you weird underwater scene.

Here are the questions:
-what's up with the sore on Jack's neck?
-where did Desmond go?
-where is the coffin?
-where is the box of knives?
-what does Jack mean when tells Locke "nothing is irreversible"? How does this play into both of their characters philosophies? can Jack "fix" Locke?
-are Walt and Michael on the flight?
-why was Desmond on the flight when he wasn't originally on it?

Let's go to the original timeline. Juliet does set off the bomb and the gang is transported to some other time. In this time the Swan had been blown up. Yet! Juliet is still dying underneath it. So, they manage to pull her out and Sawyer has some dying words with her (she says they can get coffee and go dutch). Juliet dies. Meanwhile, Sayid is dying and Jacob visits Hurley. He tells Hurley that they have to go to the temple and that he has died. So, as Sawyer and Miles bury Juliet (so that Sawyer can have Miles talk to Juliet - she meant to say "it worked"), Jack, Kate, Hurley and Jin take Sayid to the temple. The end up with the others, who seem to drown Sayid in a temple bath, yet he still dies, in a very Christ-like fashion. When they learn that Jacob is dead, they start to protect the temple, spreading ash around. Miles and Sawyer end up there too. Sayid wakes up.

On the other side of the island, smoke moster-turned Locke-turned smoke monster is killing "Jacob's bodyguards". Ben realizes that Locke is dead. No one knows what's going on. Fake Locke grabs Richard and knocks him out, dragging him away and telling the Others that he's disappointed in them. He wants to go home.

-Where is the smoke monsters home?
-Is the temple bath the fountain of youth?
-Was Sayid reborn?
-Did Jacob know that all of this was going to happen? How did he know to tell Hurley to bring the guitar case to the Island in the first place?
-Why was it essential to Jacob that Sayid lives?
-Where is the Locke, the Smoke Monster taking Richard? To the Temple?

You all have your theories, some of which are in the last post. Let's hear 'em.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fantasy Lost: LAX

There have been some questions about the Fantasy Lost game. You'll see a poll to vote on how to count John Locke. In the comments, there are some thoughts on what is a minor character and what's not.

Here's some other things to consider:
It is up to you to calculate your points. You can post your total points in the comments of this post, and we'll track the season for you. But you have to watch for your characters, because it's impossible for us to track what 60 characters do. I'm personally only keeping track of Kate, Hurley, Libby and Anthony Cooper. If you submitted your teams in the post below or to Cody, you'll be included on the spreadsheet, coming soon (hey, this girl's gotta a real job to contend with first).

That being said, when you calculate your points, just know that when things come up, others might question you -- it's up to you to present your theories and craft your arguments and make your case. Isn't the fun in the discussion?


Also, I want to say a big thanks to Cody, OPM contributor of the week, for hosting last night, as well as creating the Fantasy Lost game. Thanks Codering! Also, thanks for posting this place holder!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

***UPDATE*** OPM's Lost Fantasy League!

Alright, I'm not sure how this is going to work out, but hopefully it'll be fun. Here's the gist of how it will work. You start with 100 points to spend. You have to create a team of FOUR characters. Each character can be put on as many teams as want them. Each character is assigned a point value. For example Sayid is worth 50 points, and Arturo is worth 5. You don't have to spend all 100 points, but you can't spend more than 100 points, and your team has to have FOUR members. Once your team is picked, keep track of them (a handy worksheet will be provided) throughout season 6. The worksheet will contain a list of actions, with a point value assigned to each. I don't want to give away what the actions will be just yet, but think LOST drinking game but bigger. I believe I've thought of 32 actions, with points varying from 5 to 100. So, at the end of the season, whoever has the most points wins. What do they win? I'm not sure yet, but I'm going to try and make it something worth playing for.

Here's a janky chart so you can get an idea of who you're going to draft. The number in parenthesis next to each character is their point value. And before you complain that Arturo is only worth 5 while Sayid is worth 50, keep in mind that my errors in judgement could lead to your win.

The official draft will be at the OPM Premiere at 7:30. If you can't make it, e-mail me your team or leave it in the comments, and you can be included. No entries past 9pm on Tuesday, February 2nd.

If you have any ideas for point earning actions, or if I left any characters out, please leave them in the comments.

Here's the list of actions, followed by their point values. I have a very simple spreadsheet to keep track of your characters while watching. I can e-mail it to you if you want to e-mail me at codyjscott at g mail dot com. Also I think Madewell is going to make a spreadsheet that will keep track of your overall points. If you have any questions or speculations about these put em in the comments. After watching the premiers last night it's obvious that some of these are going to be a little questionable.

Appears at a different age 30
Appears in someone else's flash back 15
Appears in someone else's flash forward 20
Appears in someone else's island vision 10
Appears in the episode 5
Character has an eye close-up 20
Character has an island vision 30
Encounters Charles Widmore 15
Encounters Jacob 20
Encounters the Smoke Monster 15
Episode is Centric to the Character 25
First line in the episode 10
First person on screen 15
Gets Killed or Dies (confirmed) 50
Gets Laid 25
Gets Wet 20
Has a flash forward 25
Has Flashback 20
Headbutts someone 20
Hears the whispers 30
Is Jacob 100
Kills major character (confirmed) 50
Kills minor character 25
Kisses or Kissed 15
Last Line in Episode 10
Last person on screen 15
Nicknamed by Sawyer 10
Returns from confirmed death 40
Revealed to be a relative to another character 40
Says "LOST" 10
Says the title of the episode 20

Invite / Fantasy LOST

Okay, this will be quick. You're all invited to come watch the season 6 premiere at my place (if you don't know where it is, ask me or someone else). I'm in the process of setting up a fantasy football type game where you make a team of cast members and get points for things they do. This will all be explained at the premiere before the start of the episode (it's a little too complicated for the kind of time I have right now). Show up at 7:30 if you're interested in playing (it really is going to be lots of fun and make season 6 a lot more interesting), 8pm for the recap, and 8:55 for the actual episode. My door will be locked by 9pm, so don't be late, cause I'm not letting anyone in except on commercial breaks. And, as usual, a strict no-talking rule will be enforced. And, though I would think this would go without saying, if you've never seen LOST before, don't come expecting a party. I don't mean to be exclusionary, but it's just better that way. Also, The Constants MIGHT play an acoustic set. We'll see if they're up to it. Can't wait!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lost Recap

O-M-G, we're 8 days away from Season 6! Everyone was all a twitter (get it - cuz this was all over twitter) about this Italian family that has recreated the last 5 seasons of LOST on video. WHY DIDN'T MY FAMILY DO THIS? Instead we get into public arguments in the middle of Target about whether or not the Nicki and Pablo episode was the best or worst episode of LOST ever.

Special thanks to Nortgemdar for the video tip.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Make your own kind of music

As many of you may know, I am a pretty big fan of the music of Lost. With that said, I figured it would be a good idea to pay homage to the man behind it all, Michael Giacchino:
This guy's awesome. His themes, as simple as they may be, will be ingrained in our memories for years to come, I'm sure. One would normally say that his music fits the scenes perfectly, but I would disagree with that and say that he regularly sets the scene with his music. Take this video from "Through The Looking Glass" as an example. Set it at the 55 second mark and watch it with the sound off. You won't be missing any dialogue as it is only the music playing:

Kind of boring. Now watch it again with the sound on, and you'll damn near cry. I certainly did the first time I watched it. I mean, notice how the piano hits the high F right as Charlie slams "Not Penny's Boat" on the window. That's surely no accident. And that's only one example! Others being Boone's death and Aaron's birth, any time they explore the island, the little motif that plays whenever something mysterious happens, and when the Oceanic 6 first land at Sumba using Penny's life raft. Now, I'm sure I'm not saying anything here that nobody else has realized, but I thought it would be a good idea to say it on record. Michael Giacchino regularly makes one of the strongest scores television has ever seen. There. I said it.

Also, he made the music for The Incredibles. I love that movie.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Not Everything Will be Answered"

During the LOST panel at ABC's press day everything was about the ending and the final season.

I know that a lot of people do not want to know spoilers - this article does list characters who will be returning, but otherwise not a lot of information. It also talks about the ending already being decided...

They say the premiere of Season 6 is going to blow our minds... think it actually will?

Friday, January 8, 2010

UPDATE: No STOU on Feb 2nd!

Looks like the LOST premiere will air as scheduled, on Feb 2nd.

You can read about it here.

A Week in Review

It's been a big week for LOST and OPM.
First, the rescheduled State of the Union could bump the season premiere on Feb2nd. You can read about it everywhere. Including the Wrap and The Washingtong Post.

I love that this is news. And I love that there's some crazy dude on twitter who started a hashtag urging #NoStateofUnionFeb2. And I love that everyone is reporting that too.

Doesn't this mean nothing to us West Coasters, though? The SOTU airs from 9-11pm EASTERN time. Take that East Coast suckers.

Next up, here at Orange Peel Mouth, we had the pleasure of reading our first blog by our new contributor, Dylan!
Have you heard about the LOST theme park? You can sign the petition HERE.

Then there's the whole LOST supper promo pic.

Lastly, if you're on facebook, you can fan the Constants and see their video of Who Will Go?
*photo above is fan art from The Wrap's TV MoJoe.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

First there was Boone....

HI! I'm Dylan, Orangepeelmouth's newest contributor! How's it going? I wanted to do something to honor some of those whom we've lost (get it?) over the past 5 seasons, so I'm going with a good ol' fashioned Caption Contest. We've not had one of those in a while! So, here ya go:

You can't talk about death on the Island without mentioning Boone. Also, Nikki's there just for good measure. So yeah, whatcha got?

Monday, January 4, 2010

So It Begins.

My good buddy Ryan sent me this picture via Wikipedia. Pretty awesome, but for the life of me I can't find a higher quality version anywhere. (UPDATE: bigger version here) Who is that mystery woman on the far left? Ryan says it's Ilana, and I believe him. They don't call him Reliable for nothin'.