Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nothing Sexier ...

Oh Look. We have a new poll!

Something we all have learned: Don't get too caught up in all this time travel... or else you'll die on an island with blood gushing out of your nose. However, every nose bleed is different. A little dribble here, a splash of blood there. But what one was the best?

Take some time and let us know who you think has had the sexiest nosebleed!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Questions & Answers: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Poor, poor John Locke. He's such a pawn in the game between Ben and Widmore, Kate points out his lack of love, Jack says probably the most hurtful thing ever to him, then he gets murdered by Ben. Maybe that's the sacrifice he had to make? Speaking of sacrifice, is anyone else noticing a lot of religious imagery and metaphors popping up? (Armeniac, I'm looking at you...) It's strange to think of Locke becoming a Christ figure, but I'm getting that impression more and more.

Some questions (as if you guys need them):

1. So is Widmore good or bad? Up untill this point I always took him as being more evil or just as evil as Ben, but now I'm starting to reconsider.

2. If it is Abaddon's job to "get people where they need to be", is he responsible for more people from 815 ending up on the Island? Or was John Locke the only one? Would the plane have went down if he wasn't on it?

3. Did Ben mean what he said to John before he killed him, or was he just saying what he needed to get the name of Eloise Hawking out of him? Is John a threat to Ben's place on the island?

4. What made the Oceanic 6 disappear on the plane, as opposed to everyone else who just crashed? Did Ben disappear or crash? His wounds would suggest he crashed, but I wouldn't put it past him to fake injuries in order to get what he wants.

5. Don't you think they're putting a little too much emphasis on Caesar? Do you fear they're going to bring in more new characters that we're supposed to care about?

6. The pilot and a woman left on the boat. Who was this woman, and where were they going?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Questions & Answers: 316

So, I suppose there were some actual answers last night. Mainly, how to get back to the island. Well, Jack, you were off to a good start back in the day, cuz, really, you do just have to get on a plane. Okay, Okay. It has to be the same as before (why?) and there has to be proxies or whatev.

Here's a question: Why is there all this proxy business. I mean, I kind of get the John Locke thing. But is Sayid a proxy for Kate? Because Kate is there. Is Kate drugged up for Charlie? Is Ben's broken arm replacing Locke's wheelchair? And Ben getting up to go to the bathroom is setting it off, because Bernard got up and went to the bathroom the last time? Why does the Island care?

Here are some questions:

1) Was there an actual plane crash? If so, where are the other people? They did find that Aija Airlines waterbottle on the beach... are people camping out?

2) Where is Sun & Sayid. Honestly, I think they're just pushing back the reunion of Sun & Jin to make it more of an "event". Please see my post on their dramatic relationship.

3) What is Mrs. Hawking's timeline? What does she do exactly? Why does she care?

4) What is in store for Desmond? I'm looking at your comments ... is Desmond going to go back to the island to kill Ben, in order to revenge Penny's death?

5) Who's beating up Ben? Can Ben go back to the Island? If they're in Dharma time and young Ben is there, can old Ben go back?

I'm now fairly certain that when Locke messed with the wheel it took everyone back to the period of time when Dharma ruled the Island. That's why we saw Faraday at the Orchid and Jin in a Dharma suit. All of those kids are integrating themselves into the Dharma group. One of them is going to spill the beans about the purge to Dr. Chang, because at some point he has said he knows it's going to happen. Also, this is the point of time that Charlotte is living on the Island as a little girl. She's going to meet Faraday (creepy man) and Jin is going to teach her Korean. Eventually, the Oceanic Five (does Aaron need to come back?) will be living as Dharma folks and will be killed in the purge by none other then Ben.


1) Where is Walt? I know, he's on a hot pockets commercial. Bring him back!

2) Where are Bernard & Rose? What have those crazy kids been up to?

3) How do we feel about Kate & Jack?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Luckiest Girl Ever, Isn't She?

Apparently he signed it in the rain.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Questions & Answers: This Place is Death

Well, we finally have an answer to the question that has plagued us from season one: So how did Montand lose his arm? We also got to see Charlotte be creepy and die, the smoke monster rip trees out of the ground, Sun and Jin's cute Korean baby, and even more of the young, cute Rousseau.
Something that struck me was when Christian Shephard talks to John Locke near the frozen donkey wheel. When Locke doubts he will be able to round all the Oceanic 6 up to bring back to the island, Shephard says "I believe in you, John." Is that not what Locke wanted and needed to hear his entire life? It seems Locke's entire existence has been a series of shortcomings, bad luck, disappointments and discouragements, from everyone. Not even Ben has been so encouraging towards him. Not only that, but Christian is also being the loving father he never quite was to Jack. All that in one single line. Maybe I'm just reading too deeply into it, but I feel like that was one of the sweetest moments of LOST's entire run.
Here's some questions:
1. So who's crazy, Rousseau or the rest of her team? My bet is she's slightly saner than they are. What exactly happened when they were pulled into that Cerebus vent? Are they really "sick" or are they even the same people now?
2. Supposedly the smoke monster is a security system for the temple. Why does the temple need it? I'm assuming the temple is built over the well that contains the wheel, so is it just to keep people from messing with it that shouldn't, while allowing safe passage to those who can? Remember early on, Locke came face to face with Smoky and it didn't harm him...
3. Christian also scolds Locke for letting Ben turn the wheel. How would things have been different if John did it instead of Ben?
4. Now that Locke has turned the wheel, does that mean the intermittant time flashes will stop for those on the island? What time are they going to end up in? Could it be the early days of Dharma, when Charlotte is a little girl, living on the island?
5. Now we know that Eloise is Faraday's mother. Where does that leave Charlotte in relation to Daniel? Sister, half sister, daughter?
I'm seriously stoked to get up and see there's already a ton of comments on the episode from the night before. Sorry it takes me awhile to get my thoughts organzied to make an actual post.

LOST and Bothered.

Valentine's Day Edition!

Hey, that love holiday is this week, so let's talk about Sun & Jin, shall we?

We know they're HOT (I mean, look at them... you can also look at previous comments on this blog mentioning Sun in a bikini). But what makes the couple so irresistible?

Romance? Drama? Separation? Death? Life?

Sun & Jin are sooooo dramatic (or should we call it passionate?). In the course of 4-5 seasons they have:
  • found love in different social classes
  • he's worked as an assassin for her father
  • she cheated on him
  • she lost her wedding ring
  • she learned English and didn't tell him
  • they stopped talking, went away on rafts, reunited
  • thought he died but doesn't know he's alive
  • had his baby without him, yet in her delirious state called out his name and refused to have the baby alone
  • cried at his grave
  • lied about his death
  • ran to her as the boat was being blown up, but didn't reach her in time...

Now she's turning into quite a femme fatale (hot) and he's all dirty and sweaty on the beach (hot).

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Questions & Answers: The Little Prince

Answer! Jin is Alive. At least after the freighter, he is.

Answer! Nosebleeds = time travel (which we all assumed, I know) but does not mean that Charlotte is preggo, which is a theory I heard floating about somewhere. But what's gonna happen to them all, since they're all getting nosebleeds? Someone has to die sooner or later. Will Sawyer die in an unrequited love way, just as Kate returns to the Island?

Question! Is everyone smarter than Jack? Really, of course Ben was behind the sneaky lawyer! Ben is going to trick you Jack.

Question! Who are the people from Aijra Airlines and what is their role? Who was on the beach when they attacked? What time period was that?

Question! Is Kate really all that maternal? Does she really care for Aaron, because I don't really buy it. Also, can they somehow get a different child actor? I really don't care about consistency.

Question! Why didn't they show Charlie or Jin at the birth of Aaron?

Question! Was Miles on the Island before? Who was the baby? Him or Charlotte?

Question! Does Rosseau remember Jin?

I'm starting to get annoyed with the off-Island "lets all get to the Island" stuff too now... it's like, as Al said, more jumping through hoops. Just do it already. Those people never deliberated so much when they were on the island. Damnit, go back already! It was interesting when they we didn't know where they were going to end up, but now we do, so... boooring.

Also, this is posted by Madeline, not Cody. If anyone knows how to change that, please let us know.

He's Alive!

Matthew was going to post this, but unfortunately he is really busy analyzing a YouTube clip that claims the black smoke monster was in the pilot episode. He should emerge from his room in 3-4 days with the results.

Speaking of results... According to Orange Peel Mouth readers, Jin did NOT die as a result of the freighter explosion! 58% of voters (that's 17 virtual people!) believe Jin did not die. 41% (12) disagree.

Will we see Jin again? Probably. Will he be alive? Who the hell knows. Will Jin advance Sun's storyline (or has it already!?)? Will his non-death explain the continuum? Was ALnonymous waving the jackass flag as Matthew claimed? (like all civil wars, this battle was brother against brother)

Maybe the answers will be revealed tonight!