Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Package

Man, Jin didn't even TRY to hide in the bathroom. He just made sure he was lookin' good when that door opened! I was so disappointed his didn't greet that guy with a karate chop to the neck. He's still taking orders from Mr. Paik, and he blew it by not declaring that wad of cash in customs. Now Keamy's pissed, but that works out for us, because then we get to see the Mad Russian himself, Mikail. With two eyes!!! (but not for long.)

How about the return to Room 23? Pretty rad.

The Man in Black (Man in Locke, Flocke, Demon Locke, Esau) told Sun that he needed Kate because he was 3 people short of geting of the island and she can help get those people. Who do you think she's talking about? My money's on Sawyer, but who else???

Does anyone else remember one of Widmore's cronies as Chip from Kate & Allie? Am I the only one who remembers Kate & Allie?

And then there's the not so shocking, but still totally rad return of Desmond. I bet getting drugged then pulled of a submarine, and hanging off the dock and looking into the beautiful brown eyes of a Mer-Man Sayid would be pretty trippy.

By the way, you ladies can thank me for taking that screenshot of Jin. Special thanks to Brandi and Gabba for letting me interrupt America's Funniest Home Videos long enough to do so.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ab Aeterno

A few questions:

Why could Ben summon the smoke monster?
Was Jacob dunking Richard in the ocean a baptism?
Why did the smoke monster kill everyone but Richard -- because he was the easiest to manipulate?
How does Jacob choose who he brings to the Island?
When exactly did Richard start cutting his hair?

It seems like Jacob and the Man In Black (who I'm referring to as Esau) are just playing some game. Well, Esau wants to get off the island - he's evil incarnate and Jacob has to keep him there. Can he die? How did he get ON the island?

Meanwhile, for kicks, Jacob brings people to the island to watch how they choose the right thing with their free will. Basically, he's just getting some shits and giggles from watching things play out. Why doesn't he want to talk to people he brings to the island? Guilt? He seems kind of like a jerk. I do find it interesting that Jacob and the Man in Black must be killed the same way (knife through the heart before he speaks). Did that not apply when Ben killed Jacob?

Why are there only a set number of candidates? The "last of the candidates" are the 815 survivors. Why are they the last?

Did anyone catch that the captain of the Black Rock was Magnus Hanso? Did we know that already?

How did that ship wreck that statue? That must have been a strong ship, right? I mean, seriously.

What else? Isn't Richard Alpert dreamy?

Post your thoughts and theories in the comments. If you post it, then you can say you called it!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


He was a southern orphan hell-bent on revenge. He was a smart-ass up and comer with a secret life as a ghostbuster. Together, they're Sawyer and Straum: LAPD. So that was pretty cool, right? There's got to be something else interesting to talk about from last night's episode. Oh yeah! The preview for the Alpert episode next week! Looks good! Don't let me down, LOST!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dr. Linus

Poor, sad, lonely Ben. But he didn't die.... no, no, no. And he didn't become principal either.

I'm happy there was a Ben-centric episode and I really think that his sideways story was just meant to remind you that you kinda liked him OK. And that he's not so much of a terrible person for letting Alex die, cuz, see, he just got her into Yale! He did the right thing this time! Only, it's college, not life and isn't it creepy when some History teacher takes a special liking to a female student? I guess it's creepy when some guy steals a baby and raises it on its own too, so whatever.

Speaking of death - the candidates can't kill themselves. Wouldn't the Candidates be a good rival band for the Constants? Just sayin'. So, Richard hasn't been able to die and that's why he hasn't aged? Will the other Candidates (the 815 survivors) not age too? I don't get some of this, but frankly, I haven't put much effort into trying to figure it out.

That leads me to the poll. That's right, we've got a poll. The show is wrapping up - every preview is supposed to pump you up for the big giant finale. But is anyone just over it?

Oh, and a moment for Jack. Finally, Jack seemed to do something right. It was so nice to go back to classic Lost. We're on the beach, there's scary things out there, we're camping out and moving in slow motion to classic LOST music.

Oh, and Widmore is on a submarine. What do you all think about that?! When does Desmond come back!

Speak to us, people. Let us know if you're over it. And if you're not, comment away.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Watch This Now.

You're Welcome.

(Thanks Adrian)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


"I feel like I just got laid for the first time since 'The Constant'." - Matt Maxwell, after viewing this episode.

Hi! So, for Madewell's and my birthday, the LOST producers decided to give us the best episode in years. There were few answers, but I don't think there has ever been such a high concentration of Sayid kicking ass.

Let's start with the Sideways timeline:

-Apparently in 2004, instead of being missing, Nadia is married to Sayid's brother. What's up with that?

-Keamy is a loan shark. Well, he was. That is until Sayid hella owned!

-What did Jin ever do to Keamy?

Now for the real fire. Here's what happened on island:

-Sayid fights a Kung Fu master.

-Flocke is invincible!

-Claire doesn't seem to want to kill Kate anymore.

-Ben Linus is more confused than ever.

-"Catch a Falling Star" has never sounded more awesome.

-Why is it that after Dogen died, the ash was no longer effective?

So, okay. Did anyone not like this episode? It was full of kickass. Anyone who picked Sayid for their Fantasy team must have gotten so many points. Not only did Sayid kill five people, but it was his episode, and he got wet! Well, anyway, what'd you think?