Friday, April 23, 2010


I think everything on this flier is set in stone. The only questionable thing is the time.... but 9 is a safe bet.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Last Recruit

What a jam-packed episode. Ok, full disclosure: I was a little drunk watching this, so I can't really remember the details.
I like that the Survivors did their own thang, that Sawyer and Jack worked together and everyone always goes to the same hospital. Oh and Claire's big brother issues. Don't I know where she's coming from! Big brothers - they are the worst!

So, does Widmore not give a shit about them, but knows that he can't kill them? Does Locke really think Jack is with him (I don't think he is - if Jack knows that he shouldn't let him leave the island)? Will Locke see the alternate reality from his surgery? What does Desmond know? Is Sayid turning back to good? I don't think there's anyway he actually killed Desmond (as Biz pointed out, they'd never do that off-screen). Oh and Smoke Monster was Christian Shepard. What a jerk.

Oh and then there was this:




May 23rd, afternoonish

LOST Goodbye BBQ

COSTUME CONTEST * the Constants * BBQ * All things LOST

please note, this BBQ is to share in the love of LOST and to celebrate the end - it is not to watch the finale.

Details to follow.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Everybody Loves Hugo

Good ol' Hurley. Even if his flash sideways was a bit "filler-y", it was still pretty great. 'Cause seriously...every one loves Hugo. Right? Plus the on-Island timeline was pretty awesome. The return of the whispers, who turn out to be those who can't move on, like Michael. So perhaps the Island is kind of hell or purgatory, but not only those things. I don't know. And how awesome was is when Ilana exploded, Arzt style? I totally saw it coming, but was still somehow surprised when it actually did. Awesome stuff. That paired with Desmond running down wheel-chair bound Locke made for some of the best "oh shit" moments of the season.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happily Ever After

Things (people) that annoy me: Zoe and Charlie. Charlie was really getting on my nerves.

But, I still love Desmond. He brings everything together!

Does Eloise know everything?
Is the alternate reality what everyone wanted for their life? i.e. Desmond only wanted the approval of Charles Widmore, and that's what he got in his alternate reality.
Was Daniel Faraday Widmore wearing a wig?
Can you only access your original life through love or a near-death experience?
Does that mean that Kate is not Jack or Sawyer's love?
Why hasn't the other survivors had flashbacks of the island when running into each other?
How is Desmond going to show them? Plane crash? Meet in Eloise's basement?
Why did Desmond so easily go with Sayid? What does he know now?

I do like how they blended the island timeline with the alternate reality. It was so similar to how Desmond time traveled back in Season 3 that it felt more natural. Like what was happening on the Island was causing him to travel to the alternate reality.

Also, it was nice to get a break from all this Jacob-Black Smoke Monster crap.