Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Last Recruit

What a jam-packed episode. Ok, full disclosure: I was a little drunk watching this, so I can't really remember the details.
I like that the Survivors did their own thang, that Sawyer and Jack worked together and everyone always goes to the same hospital. Oh and Claire's big brother issues. Don't I know where she's coming from! Big brothers - they are the worst!

So, does Widmore not give a shit about them, but knows that he can't kill them? Does Locke really think Jack is with him (I don't think he is - if Jack knows that he shouldn't let him leave the island)? Will Locke see the alternate reality from his surgery? What does Desmond know? Is Sayid turning back to good? I don't think there's anyway he actually killed Desmond (as Biz pointed out, they'd never do that off-screen). Oh and Smoke Monster was Christian Shepard. What a jerk.

Oh and then there was this:




May 23rd, afternoonish

LOST Goodbye BBQ

COSTUME CONTEST * the Constants * BBQ * All things LOST

please note, this BBQ is to share in the love of LOST and to celebrate the end - it is not to watch the finale.

Details to follow.


Cody said...

Rad episode. This shit is getting REAL.

A couple of new predictions, just so I can say I called it if it happens:

-Juliet is Jack's baby momma. She's gonna ask him to go for coffee and go dutch. If Sawyer only knew that's who she was talking to with her dying breaths...

-Both Jacob and the Man In Black need replacements on the Island. Jack will be Jacob's and Kate will be MIB. With the power of LOVE they'll overcome their differences and live happily ever after on the Island while everyone else resets to another time/reality. They might be the Adam & Eve in the caves. I don't know.

-Locke is gonna die in surgery, and maybe end up back on the Island, like I think Matthew said. Mr. Eko's gonnna be there to do something Priestly (not Jason).

Dylan Thomas B. said...

When I saw that the one posting this was a little drunk, it was kind of fun trying to figure out if it was Cody or Madeline.
Speaking of watching LOST drunk, on the day of the finale, I'm going to take a shot of scotch every 108 minutes. I'm going to pretend it's MacCutcheon.

Anyway, about the episode. Desmond is such a charmer in the alternate reality, I still can't stand Tina Fake, and missiles are pretty sweet. Also, I feel that Jin and Sun should have been a little more pissed off that their reunion was cut short. I mean, if I were one of them, I would have been like, "Come on. This is my wife. We haven't seen each other in THREE YEARS! Give us a minute here."

nortagemdar said...

Right? Why carve the boom stick if there's not going to be a visit from Mr. Eko. I have been waiting all along for Locke to come back in his own body so I hope we're still right about that, if only so some Locke people can get some more points... If we're still doing that. I still want Hugo n Blondie to be Adam n Eve but mainly because it'd be twisted if he was stuck there and dug her up. Pretend I didn't say that.

madewell said...

I heard an interesting theory that fake Liz Lemon is under Fake Locke's spell because she let him speak to her. So, it wasn't widmore attacking them, but Locke messing with their plan!

Anonymous said...

All of Widmore's cronies and henchmen show up in the alternate universe. Fake Liz Lemon is the mother of Jack's kid. Called it?


P.S.: Time travel. Called it!

talkaboutcharles said...

Dan Barnes new blog name: Called it!