Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where Were They Then?: Terry O'Quinn, AKA John Locke

Welcome to the first of a weekly series of posts entitled "Where Were They Then?" Each week we'll feature a new old clip of one of your favorite LOSTies before they were LOST. First up: Locke

John Locke might be my favorite character on LOST. Terry O'Quinn seems to be producer Chris Carter's favorite actor; he appeared in The X-Files, Millennium and Harsh Realms (multiple appearances in each, in fact). He was also in JJ Abram's Alias, as well as small roles on such great shows as JAG, Roswell, Diagnosis Murder, Homicide: Life on the Streets, Earth 2, Matlock, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Jake and the Fatman, Remington Steele, Twilight Zone: Totally 80's Edition, and Miami Vice. Perhaps coincidentally, I watched all of these shows with either my Mom or my grandma at some point (except The Twilight Zone. That shit was way too scary for lil' Cody). I also remember spending more than one Sunday afternoon watching The Stepfather, (probably on KTXL. Remember when channel 40 used to be awesome?) I don't remember too much about the movie, other than it was intense and it made me hope my parents never got divorced. For your viewing pleasure....

Monday, November 24, 2008


Went to the doctor today to get an official diagnosis of what I had previously diagnosed as "fuckin' full blown herpes". Dr. Marvin Candle told me it was just "shingles", and that I had to stay in for two weeks, absolutely no thanksgiving, and told me I had shit to be thankful for anyways... except for an excuse to sit on my ass and try to power through four full season's of LOST biotches!!! That's right. Blog aways assholes. I'll be counting my blessings every 108 minutes when I'm pressing the play button on my dvd player! HHHHEEEEEE HAAAAAAAWWWW! SHINGLES! HOT DAMN!

P.S. Look for the following:

exclusive online performances from my room of my new cover band "the English Shingles"
and special online exclusive mp3's of my solo x-mas album "shingles all the way".

Happy fucking shingles everybody,


LOST and Bothered...

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One of the best ways to start your week is by talking about LOST. One of the better ways to start your week is to talk about who is HOT on LOST. This is my attempt to pick a character a week and discuss their ... er... finer points. Let's cut the crap and get straight to it.

DESMOND is my constant.

Desmond is the obvious first choice because he is my favorite. Here are my top 5 things I love about Desmond:
1. HELLO, Time Travel! Desmond travels through time...
2. Um... he can predict the future.
3. Brotha
4. ok, have you SEEN Desmond?
5. His love for Penny. Desmond chooses Penny as his constant. This is freakin' romantic and you know it. And who didn't feel a little twinge in their heart as he yelled out "Penny! Penny!" or when they talked on the phone and you knew he was going to live and they were going to be together and they were in LOVE.

I think girls like Desmond (okay, I think I like Desmond) because he's romantic. I mean, he's trying to win the woman that he loves and all that. Oh and the time travel bit. I mean, capabilities to time travel are one of my must-haves in a man. Can't time travel? Deal-breaker!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where's Arturo?

Here's the poster that will hang above the bed I share with Cody, once it get's here from Amazon. I've noticed that it's missing a few people, and I can't seem to understand why?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Namaste, welcome to ORANGE PEEL MOUTH

Thank you Cody. First of all I'd like to say that I am very honored to be apart of this blog. The best part of lost is indeed talking about it with your friends, whether it's at the Tower or it's on your front porch, chain smoking immediately after the latest episode has aired. So let's go ahead and get started. Let's get right into it and cut all of the bullshit. Let's talk Walt and Locke.

The season 3 finale is definitely my favorite so far. Season 1 and 2 finale's both had me crying for more, with little to no idea what would happen next, however it was Season 3's finale that had left me in total awe and with more anticipation than any of the others. I don't want to knock season 4's finale, I still have no clue what's up, but season 3 will always be dear to my heart. It was the half way point in the season 3 finale that did me in. When John Locke is about to pull the trigger, take his own life, and then Walt appears.

So, this is where most of my intrigue lies. In season 1 we know that John Locke is not dead at the end of the finale. He has just started to embark on his journey, and we all can get that when he is peering down into what seemed to be an endless hole of what we now know to be the "hatch". The season 2 finale is where we first question the fate of John Locke. Even though most of us probably just assumed he was alright, and had survived the explosion, we still had no idea as to the fate of Locke. What was going to happen next?

That brings me back to season 3. John Locke in a pit of skeletons, about to pull the trigger... and then Walt appears. What does Walt say? "Don't John, you have work to do." Well, it seems Locke spent all of season 4 trying to figure out what that meant, and us (the audience) are also trying to figure that out. What work did John Lock have to do? Was it just to move the island? Or lead the others after it was moved? If you ask me, we haven't see what John had to do, and he has not finished what he set out to accomplish. But... hes dead. In the season 4 finale we see him dead. Is Locke really dead, and did he finish the "work" he was meant to do? What does anyone else think?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Welcome to Orange Peel Mouth

First things first. Matthew Maxwell thought of the name. I know it's a strange name for a LOST blog, but considering the other ideas we were throwing around (LOSTramento, LOST in Sac, HeckaLOST, The Tower Theatre Is My Constant, and Give Me Back My Blog!) I decided it was the best. And once you see that title image up there, it should be obvious as to where the name came from. Plus, when brevity is called for, O-P-M sounds like "opium", which is pretty cool, right? Right.

So what's the deal with this Blog? Well, let me answer that question with another question. What's the best thing about LOST? No, it's not the intricate, intertwining storylines of well developed characters, spanning past, present and future. No, it's not the mythology surrounding the mysterious island, with it's smoke monsters, exploding and imploding hatches and four-toed statues. And believe it or not, it's not that one time when Sun was mad at Jin and wore a bikini. Isn't it obvious? The best thing about LOST is talking about it the day after with me and Matt Maxwell at the Tower Theater (or possibly your other friends at a different location).

Hopefully this blog will reflect that; a casual discussion amongst like-minded people. Mainly people I know. You know, people that I hang out with on a regular basis, have worked at Tower Theatre at some point in their life, (no Cresties, please), or have less than two degrees of seperation from Rock the Light. Not to say anyone else is unwelcome, I just can't imagine anyone else being interested. It will probably be silly, it might get deep, and it will probably get downright ridiculous, but at least it will be fun. No pretension, no put downs. and of course, no spoilers. Unless you didn't watch last night's episode. In which case you should know better than to talk to me the day after a new episode of LOST has aired.

I'm going to try to give a brief overview of each new episode (beginning with the start of season 5, which premieres Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at 9pm) which may or may not include some really lame commentary, thoughts or theories (you've been warned.) I'm not very good at thinking of something to blog about every day, so if you're interested in contributing anything, let me know and I'll give you authorship permission. Other than that, I'm kind of counting on people's comments to keep this thing going.