Monday, November 24, 2008


Went to the doctor today to get an official diagnosis of what I had previously diagnosed as "fuckin' full blown herpes". Dr. Marvin Candle told me it was just "shingles", and that I had to stay in for two weeks, absolutely no thanksgiving, and told me I had shit to be thankful for anyways... except for an excuse to sit on my ass and try to power through four full season's of LOST biotches!!! That's right. Blog aways assholes. I'll be counting my blessings every 108 minutes when I'm pressing the play button on my dvd player! HHHHEEEEEE HAAAAAAAWWWW! SHINGLES! HOT DAMN!

P.S. Look for the following:

exclusive online performances from my room of my new cover band "the English Shingles"
and special online exclusive mp3's of my solo x-mas album "shingles all the way".

Happy fucking shingles everybody,



Cody said...

Surliest post ever! Surliest post ever! Surliest post ever!

Ben said...

Shingles? Bummer.
I thought I had scabies once but it was just poison oak.