Monday, November 24, 2008

LOST and Bothered...

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One of the best ways to start your week is by talking about LOST. One of the better ways to start your week is to talk about who is HOT on LOST. This is my attempt to pick a character a week and discuss their ... er... finer points. Let's cut the crap and get straight to it.

DESMOND is my constant.

Desmond is the obvious first choice because he is my favorite. Here are my top 5 things I love about Desmond:
1. HELLO, Time Travel! Desmond travels through time...
2. Um... he can predict the future.
3. Brotha
4. ok, have you SEEN Desmond?
5. His love for Penny. Desmond chooses Penny as his constant. This is freakin' romantic and you know it. And who didn't feel a little twinge in their heart as he yelled out "Penny! Penny!" or when they talked on the phone and you knew he was going to live and they were going to be together and they were in LOVE.

I think girls like Desmond (okay, I think I like Desmond) because he's romantic. I mean, he's trying to win the woman that he loves and all that. Oh and the time travel bit. I mean, capabilities to time travel are one of my must-haves in a man. Can't time travel? Deal-breaker!


Cody said...

Girliest post ever! Girliest post ever! Girliest post ever!

Anonymous said...

What's up, Cody? Hey, is it just me or was that the GIRLIEST post ever?


PS Chinese Democracy listening party at my house tonight. I don't want to get everyone too excited, you know, since the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive (true!) and all, but...I've listened to the first three minutes of Chinese Democracy and I have to say, with an absolute open mind -- both as a Guns and Roses Fan and as a music fan interested in the "mythology" of "great lost albums" -- that the first three minutes of Chinese Democracy... are the worst three minutes of music ever recorded. Ever.

Come on by! Tonight! Chinese Democracy!

lil' maxwell said...

I would assume time travel might come in handy... when he's cheating on your ass!

madewell said...

I'd also like to point out that Desmond looks good with long or short hair.

brandi (i don't know my password) scott said...

how bout that accent?!

Anonymous said...

cody i need the name of that springsteen dvd you were watching at tower one day. i had old footage of him and he was sweaty.

JennY. said...

Desmond is a LOVE.
He does good.
He looks good.
He sounds good.
I bet he even smells good, no matter the manly sweat. I bet his sweat smells like Gio D'Aqua (the best scent ever on a man, hands down.)
I ♥ Des!

JennY. said...

whoops! I went dyslexic on the cologne name. It's Aqua D'Gio. Yeah, I think that's right.
Damn that stuff is a touch of heaven! Ahhhhh...