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Lost Re-Watch Weeks 1&2

The Lost re-watch has begun! It's been two weeks, starting with season 1. I had my concerns going in, "what if I can't keep up?". Well, it turns out that 4 episodes a week is almost not enough. The most challenging part so far is pacing myself! I find myself watching two episodes in a row and desperately trying to find a way to distract myself as to prevent myself from getting too far ahead of myself. If you haven't started yet, don't be afraid to start... I promise you'll catch up in no time!

With that said, here's a list of episodes watched so far:

1. Pilot part 1
2. Pilot part 2
3. Tabula Rasa
4. Walkabout
5. White Rabbit
6. House of the Rising Sun
7. The Moth
8. Confidence Man

You can't help but notice how scrawny half the dudes are in the pilot compared to later seasons, i.e. Sayiid. He actually bulks up a lil' by episode 3 even, but no where as near the end of season 3. Kate wears dude pants, and is not at her hot peak yet. Sawyer's hair is also dramatically shorter in the pilot as opposed to episode 3, and Sawyer is also one of the most fun characters, especially now that we've experienced his arc. This show has the BEST character development, and it's been extremely enjoyable thus far.
It's fun to watch and think about all the things that are taking place on other parts of the island as shit is going down in the foreground. Like what Ben is up, or any of the others in fact, since they are not featured in the first season. We know that Ben is ordering Ethan to infiltrate the camp, and make lists. Juliet is hosting a book club, and Desmond has just recently failed to push his button 'causing the plane crash (as we all know now as the very thing Jack hopes to prevent by nuking the pocket of energy in the swan station rendering it "inert" - Daniel Faraday R.I.P.)
These are the things that you consider, but try not to dwell on as some of the best Lost moments are happening right in front of you. I was yelling at the T.V. screen, demanding my Locke after 3 episodes with a lack of, when he shows up on screen with a suitcase full of knives and more confidence than you could shake a stick at. So fucking awesome. Speaking of, "Walkabout" is one of the best and heart braking episodes of the whole damn series. Locke introduces backgammon to Walt as "a game older than Jesus, with two sides: White, and black". At this time we are to suspect him as a creepy pedophile. Awesome. Fake-Matt wondered if Locke mistakenly calling Kate by the name of the girl he frequently calls on a hot-line (pre-island) is a jab at Evangeline Lilly's Hot Links past! Is it!? Awesome.
White Rabbit is where Lost gets all Losty. The dead starts showing up, Locke saves Jack! and tells him that he's looked into the eye of the island. Shit gets spooky. Remember when Lost was spooky?
The next few episodes are full of old Lost goodies: Charlie doing heroine, flashing back to Drive Shaft days. Sawyer being an asshole, getting tortured by Sayiid. Weird relationship between Micheal and Sun, Jin being a dick. It's all great. I could write forever on the awesomeness of season 1. But I have to stop here, due to my other "life". I'll leave you with this question:

Is season 1 so refreshing, so awesome, so good... because season 5 was so bad?

LOST Simpsonized

I wish I could give credit... I don't know where this is from, but I do have the link.

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Wonderful readers (okay, two of my friends) have been writing in with their LOST character sightings. Above you'll see Hurley & his long board at 10th & L. (photo courtesy of Alan LaGuardia's iPhone)
Also spotted:
Anthony Cooper: yesterday at 9th & L... apparently too fast to get a photo
John Locke: today Rite Aid on K St. Wearing Army pants and a white t-shirt. "He'd'a shivved me if I photo'd him though"
I, personally, have seen Kate (she works in my office) and Jin (he was walking down J St!).
If you spot 'em let us know! Take a photo!
Addendum: the original (and ultimate) sighting was Ethan Rom at the Rubicon. This was no ordinary sighting, as Ethan was casually placing himself at various tables... pretending to be a part of those parties. He was clearly identifying all the women, noting if they were pregnant or had babies. We were very fearful and kept shouting "he's an other! he's an other!" to ourselves.

Lost in Headlines

Lots of spoilers on E! Some may be false, some not... I'm not posting the actual headlines for those who don't want to be spoiled.

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Lost in Headlines

Emerson: Ben Could Still Be A Hero

Actually, in this article Michael Emerson admits that he doesn't know anything about anything.

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Does anyone find this horribly familiar? It's creeping me out!

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Caption Contest

We put up a photo... you leave the caption in the comments.

Lost in Headlines

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Lost,' 'The Closer,' 'Weeds,' 'True Blood,' 'Burn Notice,' 'Fringe,' and more!

This really isn't much of a spoiler, though. I knew it already.

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Finale Poll Results

Now that we've put some distance between oursleves and the finale, we can look at the poll results.

Most of you liked the finale (29 people, at 87%). Some of you were feeling "eh" about it (3 people, 9%). But one of you disliked it (3%).


Get ready for a summer of LOST.



Doc Artz has posted a re-watch schedule for all five seasons! Starting today! It doesn't seem like it will be very hard to keep up with, and this dude is definitely in.

Here's a link.

Sounds like every Sunday they'll be analyzing the episodes watched for the week, and posting about it. So we will also be keeping up here on this blog, check back next Sunday! or monday, when you're at work not working.