Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope your 2009 (or 2005, if you happen to be on Island time) is filled with love, good fortune, and a full season of LOST that isn't interupted by any actors strikes.

Monday, December 29, 2008


I was gonna post a "Lost & Bothered" post, however, I was having a difficult time choosing. Hurley? I mean, everyone does love him. Kate? That seems kind of obvious. Sun? For another female? Some random secondary character like Liam? Just because?

So, I headed on over to Lostpedia for some light reading, only to find that it has changed! Apparently, Lostpeida has joined Wikia, whatever that means. I didn't bother reading the message. The format is different, but it looks as though all the same content is there.

Sorry for the boringness, but it's a slow news week, even in LOST terms. I needed to see something other then John Locke in a santa cap.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

From Our Orange Peel Mouth To Yours...

Happy Holidays!Your Friends at Orange Peel Mouth,
Cody, Madeline and (we assume) Matthew

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008


*sorry the picture isn't that great.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Hey there... you want some LOST answers? Well, I might just have a few for you.

The Blogosphere is ripe with LOST info today. A new clip was released. And lots and lots and lots of spoilers.

Jezebel posted them all ... and a new trailer (which is action-packed!). Check it out, if you dare to be informed.

*disclaimer*: Jezebel does not specifically say where this info is coming from ... so take it with a grain of salt and remember that speculation is part of the fun.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pack & Shave

I'm terribly sorry I haven't been posting much and thanks to the Maxwells for keeping the dream alive. I've been learning the dark and archaic art of microfilm and microfiche. I'm not sure why that affects my posting, since I would never do anything extracuricular on the Man's dime, but somehow it does. Over the next couple of days I'll try and make up for lost time.

I know I'm a few days behind on this, but I guess if you wanted your LOST news in a timely manner you probably wouldn't come here for it. ABC put up a new sneak peak into season five. This time we have shaving Jack talking to packing Ben. I guess I'll warn you that it's kind of a spoiler, if you consider seeing a scene from the show out of context a spoiler.
UPDATE: The YouTube video wasn't being displayed right, so you might have to sit through a commercial and watch the official ABC version. It looks better anyways.

Any thoughts? Is Ben telling the truth about the last time he saw Locke? Is he ever telling the truth? Why is he packing a suit and tie? Do you think ABC is going to show a clip of how each of the Oceanic 6 are convinced to go back to the island?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

LOST and Bothered

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Sorry for not posting yesterday. This annoying thing called WORK got in the way. Anyway, the countdown to the new season of LOST has pretty much begun (but didn't it start at the finale of Season 4?) ... getting us more bothered then usual. Who is it this week that's driving us cra-azy?
Jack Shepard, please be my hero.

Okay, so Jack can't be ignored. The show revolves around this guy and that's probably because he's hot. Jack is hot for a lot of reasons, but most of them involve his chest. C'mon, how many of you were like "oh, Jack's chest is hairy in this episode but not in that one! That MEANS something" just because you wanted to stare at different photos of shirtless Jack? Yeah, that's what I thought. Looking for appendix scars, hmph. Anyway, we also all want to be saved and Jack's our guy. People Jack has saved:

  • Sarah, his wife. He "fixed her" and then she could dance at her wedding
  • Rose, right after the plane crashed
  • Ben
  • the girl in the car crash when Jack was on the bridge. However, he was also the reason she needed to be saved

People/things Jack has not saved:

  • His marriage. Whoops.
  • the pilot in the cockpit
  • the Marshal
  • Joanna, because he saved Boone instead
  • Colleen, one of the others
  • Boone (thank God, right? Him and Shannon always bothered me)

There are a bunch of people who you can say survived because of Jack. The Oceanic 6, Sawyer, etc etc. Do you think they got off the Island because of Jack? Yeah, yeah, Jack's the leader, but does he deserve the credit?

Jack has lots of fun relationships too. His wife. That Thailand girl. Juliette (blech!). And last, but certainly not least, Kate. Jack and Kate are big on being HOT together.

Look! You can even get a Jack action figure!!

"He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us"

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I searched Harold Perrineau on google and this popped up. Totally unexpected, but completely awesome. It's a video for the troops comin' home directed by Jin. It also has that one girl from the show "Dexter" in it, making it a super WTF for me, because I love "Dexter". WTF.

Episode pick of the week!

Season 3, Episode 21
"Greatest Hits"

Character: Charlie

This is my personal favorite episode of Lost, hence why I chose it as the first "episode of the week". This is the episode where Desmond has had a premonition of Charlie's death, only this time he has to die because in Desmond's vision Charlie's death aid's in the rescue of all the survivor's. We then get flashbacks of what Charlie considers to be the greatest moments of his "sad pathetic excuse of a life."

Thankfully the some of the best moments of his life include his brother Liam, and singing "Wonderwall" on the streets of London, probably with hopes of scoring some more junk.

All in all it's a farewell episode to Charlie with the added bonus of two hot Dharma chicks weilding guns in an underwater station at the very end.

Here's my absolute favorite seen from the episode, and maybe from all of Lost.

HO! HO! HO! Happy Christmas!

Monday, December 8, 2008

LOST And Bothered

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When taking the "What LOST character are you?" quiz on facebook, it said I was Claire Littleton. Sounds good to me! Claire is totes hot.

Okay, besides the fact that Claire has a romance with Charlie, she's pretty good at driving some big story lines... I mean, she did have the whole preganancy-have a baby on the island - thing. Not to mention she's Jack sister. Or the fact that she's possibly dead! (I really think she's dead... well, in Island time she is).

Also, Claire goes to see the psychic. I really like that she listens to the psychic because it's creepy. Psychics are creepy. I saw one yesterday. No joke! Btw, did you know that Claire is never seen in the 7th episode of any season?

But take a good look at that photo, because Claire ain't gonna be seen again until Season 6.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


So, while staring at this season 5 promotional pic for the last two weeks I've noticed something very, very exciting. No, I'm not talking about the two beers that Faraday obviously slammed moments before the picture was taken, I'm talking about Sayiid straight pimpin'. Look at him! So fucking cool, just holdin' his crotch and not givin' a shit! I was only kinda excited about season 5 before, but now I'm TOTALLY excited.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Overheard LOST

episode: Orientation

Madeline: this whole push the buttons story line is starting to get to me
Matthew: would you say it "pushes your buttons?"

Mike C (just woken up, wearing a towel): are you guys watching LOST again?
Matthew: yeah, and it looks like you just got off the island yourself.

what have you overheard lately?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


As I was telling Matthew last night, don't worry, Season 5 will be here before you know it.

NY Mag reports a big spoiler and it has to do with baby-napping Kate and Angela's dad from My So-Called Life. I'm not gonna say anymore, but I'll leave you with the TWO MINUTE clip, that might just help you make it through this December.

Where Were They Then?: Evangeline Lilly AKA Kate

You know and love her each week as beautiful, tomboyish Kate. Once a con-artist/murderer, now just a kidnapper, she's stolen the hearts of most of the men on the island as well as many of us in the real world. Whether she's getting caught in a net or caught in the rain, she's always easy on the eyes.

Turns out she's also easy on the phone. Does anyone else remember these Livelinks commercials? Back in the good old days, when I had to be at work at 10am rather than 7:30, I'd end up spending many weeknights watching the late night talk shows. I remember these adds would come on during every commercial break for what seemed like years, including a few months after LOST aired and became a success. I imagine after awhile she somehow used her newfound position as one of primetime TV's leading ladies to convince Livelinks to stop using the adds, but thanks to the internet, we can still watch them. They're pretty terrible.

'tis the season:

Monday, December 1, 2008

Frayed So...

So by now this is pretty old news, but has everyone seen the season 5 footage (along with some stuff from previous seasons) that's made into a music video for the Fray? Madeline and Matt argued over who was going to blog about it first, but, you snooze, you lose. And so does everyone else, cause this song is Bad (note the capital "b".) The footage is super awesome though. (Check out the video in it's entirety here or by following the link in the sidebar to ABC's Official LOST site.) There's all kinds of stuff happening. Fun-loving Hurley with a gun. Juliet uncovering what appears to be the Hatch to the Swan station, or one just like it. Sayid fighting with what appears to be (look closely) Desmond and Jack (it appears Jack might be trying to sedate him!) I figured out how to take screen shots, so here's some things that I got a kick out of.This part is so cheesy. The dude's playing his piano and it cuts to this shot of Ben playing the piano. You know, cause Ben is a lot like the Fray dude. You don't know how either got where they are, and they both make you feel a little uneasy.Oh you clever LOST marketing dudes. You're so subtle. I barely noticed the half second flash of this logo. Twice. A quick search for "Ajira Airlines" in Lostpedia will let you in on all there is to know. I appreciate the effort, but it seems that the subtlety is a bit lost.This part was real funny to me, because it looks like a shot from DOOM. One can only hope that a LOST first person shooter video game is in the works.'Nuff said.And finally, I'd like to propose this dude from the Fray as our secondary mascot (after Locke with an orange peel in his mouth) because he looks like mine and Matt's LOST-obsessed love-child, conceived in a tent sometime between the end of season 4 and the beginning of season 5.

Lost and Bothered

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Holla! Who has us all wound up this week? Who are you wishing to be stranded on an island with?

Sayid can torture me any day.
To make the unnecessary argument in Sayid's favor, I'll quote directly from Lostpedia.
  • "A courageous man and a competent leader" - duh, Sayid is a badass
  • "Sayid spent much of his adult life searching for his childhood-love, Nadia" - you know how I feel about guys who work for true love
  • "Working as an accomplished chef in Paris" - who doesn't want a guy who can cook?
  • "After fixing the transceiver" - Sayid fixes all sorts of shit. He's in a word, handy (and dandy).
  • "He said that he was willing to die for everyone else to be rescued, but he wouldn't die for nothing."
  • "but Sayid tripped Jason and snapped his neck with his legs" - this is by far one of the best Sayid moments
  • "If Jack is a man of science, and Locke is a man of faith, Sayid is a combination of the two" - best of both worlds, baby

In short: Sayid is a hot badass, who will risk everything for the one he loves. Holla!