Friday, December 19, 2008


Hey there... you want some LOST answers? Well, I might just have a few for you.

The Blogosphere is ripe with LOST info today. A new clip was released. And lots and lots and lots of spoilers.

Jezebel posted them all ... and a new trailer (which is action-packed!). Check it out, if you dare to be informed.

*disclaimer*: Jezebel does not specifically say where this info is coming from ... so take it with a grain of salt and remember that speculation is part of the fun.

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Mehan said...

Haha don't worry about Jezebel's "spoilers". She's taking guesses and passing them off as spoilers. Sawyer's whisper - everyone and his uncle knows what Josh Holloway said in that scene, but apparently Jezebel doesn't know that TPTB announced that Josh was adlibbing and those comments were a mislead.

Why do so many Lost fans try to pretend to be insiders?