Monday, December 29, 2008


I was gonna post a "Lost & Bothered" post, however, I was having a difficult time choosing. Hurley? I mean, everyone does love him. Kate? That seems kind of obvious. Sun? For another female? Some random secondary character like Liam? Just because?

So, I headed on over to Lostpedia for some light reading, only to find that it has changed! Apparently, Lostpeida has joined Wikia, whatever that means. I didn't bother reading the message. The format is different, but it looks as though all the same content is there.

Sorry for the boringness, but it's a slow news week, even in LOST terms. I needed to see something other then John Locke in a santa cap.

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Cody said...

Yeah, the new Lostpedia is pretty mcuh the same...except for all those annoying ads! Boo.