Monday, December 1, 2008

Frayed So...

So by now this is pretty old news, but has everyone seen the season 5 footage (along with some stuff from previous seasons) that's made into a music video for the Fray? Madeline and Matt argued over who was going to blog about it first, but, you snooze, you lose. And so does everyone else, cause this song is Bad (note the capital "b".) The footage is super awesome though. (Check out the video in it's entirety here or by following the link in the sidebar to ABC's Official LOST site.) There's all kinds of stuff happening. Fun-loving Hurley with a gun. Juliet uncovering what appears to be the Hatch to the Swan station, or one just like it. Sayid fighting with what appears to be (look closely) Desmond and Jack (it appears Jack might be trying to sedate him!) I figured out how to take screen shots, so here's some things that I got a kick out of.This part is so cheesy. The dude's playing his piano and it cuts to this shot of Ben playing the piano. You know, cause Ben is a lot like the Fray dude. You don't know how either got where they are, and they both make you feel a little uneasy.Oh you clever LOST marketing dudes. You're so subtle. I barely noticed the half second flash of this logo. Twice. A quick search for "Ajira Airlines" in Lostpedia will let you in on all there is to know. I appreciate the effort, but it seems that the subtlety is a bit lost.This part was real funny to me, because it looks like a shot from DOOM. One can only hope that a LOST first person shooter video game is in the works.'Nuff said.And finally, I'd like to propose this dude from the Fray as our secondary mascot (after Locke with an orange peel in his mouth) because he looks like mine and Matt's LOST-obsessed love-child, conceived in a tent sometime between the end of season 4 and the beginning of season 5.


madewell said...

for the RECORD, I gave the post to Matthew. Happy Birthday, Little Brother.


Anonymous said...

man, what a terrible, terrible song. I can't wait to hear it while sitting in my mom's car as she takes me to CostCo. Uh, I also love how almost every time he says "on the floor" there is someone...on the floor. Clever. If you were only half watching the beginning (like i was) in the scene with Sayid killing that dude on the golf course, the way it's cut makes it look as though Sayid is killing another Sayid. A bizarro Sayid, if you will. That's what happens when you fuck with time travel JJ!