Monday, December 8, 2008

LOST And Bothered

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When taking the "What LOST character are you?" quiz on facebook, it said I was Claire Littleton. Sounds good to me! Claire is totes hot.

Okay, besides the fact that Claire has a romance with Charlie, she's pretty good at driving some big story lines... I mean, she did have the whole preganancy-have a baby on the island - thing. Not to mention she's Jack sister. Or the fact that she's possibly dead! (I really think she's dead... well, in Island time she is).

Also, Claire goes to see the psychic. I really like that she listens to the psychic because it's creepy. Psychics are creepy. I saw one yesterday. No joke! Btw, did you know that Claire is never seen in the 7th episode of any season?

But take a good look at that photo, because Claire ain't gonna be seen again until Season 6.


Cody said...

A+ for giving Claire her dues for being hot, but an F- for using the word "totes".

madewell said...

I only use such verbage in context. Like, you know, posting who is HOT.


lil' maxwell said...

Nothing hotter than a dead chick with a baby and a pilled up brother.

But no, seriously, Claire is totes goth, and I'm into it.

Amanda said...

I only have eyes for Sun.