Monday, December 1, 2008

Lost and Bothered

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Holla! Who has us all wound up this week? Who are you wishing to be stranded on an island with?

Sayid can torture me any day.
To make the unnecessary argument in Sayid's favor, I'll quote directly from Lostpedia.
  • "A courageous man and a competent leader" - duh, Sayid is a badass
  • "Sayid spent much of his adult life searching for his childhood-love, Nadia" - you know how I feel about guys who work for true love
  • "Working as an accomplished chef in Paris" - who doesn't want a guy who can cook?
  • "After fixing the transceiver" - Sayid fixes all sorts of shit. He's in a word, handy (and dandy).
  • "He said that he was willing to die for everyone else to be rescued, but he wouldn't die for nothing."
  • "but Sayid tripped Jason and snapped his neck with his legs" - this is by far one of the best Sayid moments
  • "If Jack is a man of science, and Locke is a man of faith, Sayid is a combination of the two" - best of both worlds, baby

In short: Sayid is a hot badass, who will risk everything for the one he loves. Holla!


Cody said...

You forgot about how romantic he was with that teenage girl in the tent!

Anonymous said...

Holla! Cody that was funny!

Holla! Sayid rules.


DB said...


Sayid, I will not admit to having a hetero crush on you. I will also not admit that 1 plus 1 equals 2, that Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana, or that cake is delicious.

beckler said...

I would rather hood up with Ben than Sayid. I hate Sayid's long nails.