Tuesday, December 16, 2008

LOST and Bothered

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Sorry for not posting yesterday. This annoying thing called WORK got in the way. Anyway, the countdown to the new season of LOST has pretty much begun (but didn't it start at the finale of Season 4?) ... getting us more bothered then usual. Who is it this week that's driving us cra-azy?
Jack Shepard, please be my hero.

Okay, so Jack can't be ignored. The show revolves around this guy and that's probably because he's hot. Jack is hot for a lot of reasons, but most of them involve his chest. C'mon, how many of you were like "oh, Jack's chest is hairy in this episode but not in that one! That MEANS something" just because you wanted to stare at different photos of shirtless Jack? Yeah, that's what I thought. Looking for appendix scars, hmph. Anyway, we also all want to be saved and Jack's our guy. People Jack has saved:

  • Sarah, his wife. He "fixed her" and then she could dance at her wedding
  • Rose, right after the plane crashed
  • Ben
  • the girl in the car crash when Jack was on the bridge. However, he was also the reason she needed to be saved

People/things Jack has not saved:

  • His marriage. Whoops.
  • the pilot in the cockpit
  • the Marshal
  • Joanna, because he saved Boone instead
  • Colleen, one of the others
  • Boone (thank God, right? Him and Shannon always bothered me)

There are a bunch of people who you can say survived because of Jack. The Oceanic 6, Sawyer, etc etc. Do you think they got off the Island because of Jack? Yeah, yeah, Jack's the leader, but does he deserve the credit?

Jack has lots of fun relationships too. His wife. That Thailand girl. Juliette (blech!). And last, but certainly not least, Kate. Jack and Kate are big on being HOT together.

Look! You can even get a Jack action figure!!

"He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us"


madewell said...

oh, and how many people already had a crush on Matthew Fox from his Party of Five days? Don't worry, you can admit it, we're all friends here.

Anonymous said...

Having followed Lost online for a few years now, I can only say that the dimwit girls and gay men who worship Jack not only have the worst taste in men (fug!), but they are without a doubt the STUPIDEST fans following this show. I mean, why bother? You're all so obsessed with your Matthew Fox pantypuddings you don't even begin to grasp what's going on here.

madewell said...

is someone out there more high-strung about LOST then Matthew? Is that possible?

Cody said...

Rad! Our first anonymous jerk! I hope it's not one of our friends pretending to be an anonymous jerk, but I have a feeling it is.

lil' maxwell said...

anonymous, we should TOTALLY hang.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is this new, terrible word I have never heard?


Anonymous said...


Hi I'm anonymous and we should totally hang tonight and discuss Christmas with this Matthew character, whoever he is.


PS Jokes! Its really me! Al! However, congrats on your first anonymous jerk, I think its the real deal. OR David Paul.

madewell said...

pantypuddings is a terrible terrible word that I'd like to start using.

AL- how would you and Matthew feel about a little fiesta...or more like a little La Fiesta tonight?

Cody said...

I figured "pantypuddings" was just their verification word and they wanted to put it to good use. I feel like anonymous used it wrong though. To me "You're all obsessed with your pantypudding for Matthew Fox..." or "you're all obsessed with Matthew Fox's pantypuddingness" makes more sense. Then again, I totes didn't make up that word.

madewell said...

Holla Cody!!

But seriously, who says "fug" anyways except for A.LG? He would totes make up a new slang word... I think we know who our mystery "friend" is...

madewell said...

actually, I think that anonymous commenter "walks amongst us, but is not one of us".

Cody said...

He probably posted it with his iphone.

madewell said...

LOL, Cody. el.oh.el.

Amanda said...

I once agreed to go on a date with a guy because he looked like Matthew Fox. Don't get your pantypuddings in a twist anonymous.


Anonymous said...

Look you Mathew Fox pantypudding lovers, what's so great about MF anyway? Anyone can make tons of indescribably fabulous faces! And I'll have you know my panties are often full of pudding for lots of reasons! Though more often then not it turns out to be yogurt.