Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Episode pick of the week!

Season 3, Episode 21
"Greatest Hits"

Character: Charlie

This is my personal favorite episode of Lost, hence why I chose it as the first "episode of the week". This is the episode where Desmond has had a premonition of Charlie's death, only this time he has to die because in Desmond's vision Charlie's death aid's in the rescue of all the survivor's. We then get flashbacks of what Charlie considers to be the greatest moments of his "sad pathetic excuse of a life."

Thankfully the some of the best moments of his life include his brother Liam, and singing "Wonderwall" on the streets of London, probably with hopes of scoring some more junk.

All in all it's a farewell episode to Charlie with the added bonus of two hot Dharma chicks weilding guns in an underwater station at the very end.

Here's my absolute favorite seen from the episode, and maybe from all of Lost.

HO! HO! HO! Happy Christmas!

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madewell said...

This my favorite LOST episode too, actually.

Not only does Charlie make himself a bit of a romantic by listing the top 5 moments of his life (and who doesn't love a good Top 5 list anyway?), but there's a bunch of character connections.

First, when he's learning to swim, someone calls out Desmond's name. So, you're to believe that Desmond is in Charlie's past.

Second, the girl who calls him a hero is Nadia.

Lastly, I should note that in my 8th grade yearbook, Wonderwall is listed as my favorite song. True story.