Thursday, June 11, 2009


Wonderful readers (okay, two of my friends) have been writing in with their LOST character sightings. Above you'll see Hurley & his long board at 10th & L. (photo courtesy of Alan LaGuardia's iPhone)
Also spotted:
Anthony Cooper: yesterday at 9th & L... apparently too fast to get a photo
John Locke: today Rite Aid on K St. Wearing Army pants and a white t-shirt. "He'd'a shivved me if I photo'd him though"
I, personally, have seen Kate (she works in my office) and Jin (he was walking down J St!).
If you spot 'em let us know! Take a photo!
Addendum: the original (and ultimate) sighting was Ethan Rom at the Rubicon. This was no ordinary sighting, as Ethan was casually placing himself at various tables... pretending to be a part of those parties. He was clearly identifying all the women, noting if they were pregnant or had babies. We were very fearful and kept shouting "he's an other! he's an other!" to ourselves.



Let's not forget the sighting that started it all (that I am upset I wasn't around for): Ethan Rom.

I also made the best Miles Straume mii ever a couple days ago. I'll have to document it somehow.

madewell said...

OMG. I might have to edit this post to include Ethan!!!!!

Re: Miles wii: screen capture?

Rachel said...

Yeah, I've seen Ethan again since then and he toootally tried to steal my baby. And infiltrate our table at the Rubicon.

madewell said...

I feel like seeing Ethan and fearing for the lives of our children is one of the reasons that Rachel and I became friends.

Anonymous said...

I think I used to work with that hurley dude.


Anonymous said...

I doubt that this counts because I'm pretty sure I saw Locke in Paris. And when I say this doesn't count it's because I saw LOCKE, not a dude that looks like Locke, or the actor who plays Locke, but Locke himself. It was at a huge pay-to-use-the-internet place, where the downstairs was devoted to online video-games. I went downstairs just to check it out and I saw Locke, all alone, staring intently at the screen. And he was smiling. Creepily. To himself. And I'm pretty sure there was an orange peel in his mouth.

-Grandpa Al

megagem said...

haha, I totally love, "We were very fearful and kept shouting "he's an other! he's an other!" to ourselves."

Shouting to ourselves. Ooohwee, that made me laugh quite a bit.

I sat behind Benjamin Linus on the super shuttle on the way to the airport and could see his creepy google-eyed stare in the rearview mirror.

megagem said...

I like that alan made his name alanalanalan kind of like the samsamsamsamsamsam from Ghost.

Rachel said...

Today, 6/18, 12:45pm. Goth Claire, walking on F street at 21st. Walking, not driving, and not putting her mom in a coma.