Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happily Ever After

Things (people) that annoy me: Zoe and Charlie. Charlie was really getting on my nerves.

But, I still love Desmond. He brings everything together!

Does Eloise know everything?
Is the alternate reality what everyone wanted for their life? i.e. Desmond only wanted the approval of Charles Widmore, and that's what he got in his alternate reality.
Was Daniel Faraday Widmore wearing a wig?
Can you only access your original life through love or a near-death experience?
Does that mean that Kate is not Jack or Sawyer's love?
Why hasn't the other survivors had flashbacks of the island when running into each other?
How is Desmond going to show them? Plane crash? Meet in Eloise's basement?
Why did Desmond so easily go with Sayid? What does he know now?

I do like how they blended the island timeline with the alternate reality. It was so similar to how Desmond time traveled back in Season 3 that it felt more natural. Like what was happening on the Island was causing him to travel to the alternate reality.

Also, it was nice to get a break from all this Jacob-Black Smoke Monster crap.


nortagemdar said...

Charlie gets wet; I get points.

lil' maxwell said...

You were supposed to think he was talking about Kate at first but he ended up talking about Claire.

anyways, The Constants have a new song up called Isabella (the ballad of Richard Alpert).

We also have posted a sample of a new song called, MR MR MR EKO EKO EKO. Rumor has it that if you start it at the same time that the smoke monster is killing Mr.Eko, it syncs up just perfectly.

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Eryn said...

Mr. Eko ftw. I'm hoping he'll show up on the screen any second, but no luck so far.

Widmore, Eloise, and others apparently think there is something special about Desmond, and maybe there is. It seems like he is traveling through time/reality just like when he was flashing back to the military, etc. in the UK. That machine fried that other guy but Desmond survived.

Yay for Faraday. Interesting that the musician one in the alternate reality thinks they are IN an alternate reality, not living the lives they should be living. Talk about a self-absorbed and suicidal musician.

The Armeniac said...

Both musicians think they're in the wrong time, clearly suicidal musicians rule.

The Armeniac said...

This was the first ep of the season where the on isalnd story was as interesting as the off isalnd story. It really got me super stoked fo rnext weeks show, i might even re-watch this ep, haven't done that in a while.
PS: Fraday wasn't wearing a wig, I think.

nortagemdar said...

I don't think he was wearing a wig, either. His hair is naturally that feathery and soft. If you don't believe me you can borrow Solaris. You'll see.

Also, did we scare off Andrew Jackson? That guy had great insights and I'll be bummed if he's gone forever. Or maybe he's a she.

madewell said...

LOST fashion commentary on Jezebel: http://jezebel.com/5511727/lost-recap-none-of-this-matters?skyline=true&s=i

do Eloise's brooches mean something? Heh. brooches.

and I really like the idea that Desmond is the constant!

madewell said...

oh and with all the religious stuff: the finale is on Pentacost!

is that why the finale is going to be on a Sunday?!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

Eryn said...

It's a nice date. But I would wager it has more to do with ABC making more money out of the event on Sunday night rather than a Tuesday.

I bet that Eloise in the alternate reality is well aware of the island/past experiences, and now that she has this seemingly perfect life, she doesn't want anyone else figuring it out, which is why she gave those weird warnings to Desmond.

madewell said...

or, in the alternate reality she is her opposite. Because in the original timeline she pushed Desmond to keep asking questions and look into things - now, her opposite tells him to stop.

But yeah, in her alternate reality she doesn't kill her son. So that has to be a plus.

Anonymous said...

I've been very happy with the last two episodes...they've reminded why I liked this damn show in the first place. Keep it up!