Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dr. Linus

Poor, sad, lonely Ben. But he didn't die.... no, no, no. And he didn't become principal either.

I'm happy there was a Ben-centric episode and I really think that his sideways story was just meant to remind you that you kinda liked him OK. And that he's not so much of a terrible person for letting Alex die, cuz, see, he just got her into Yale! He did the right thing this time! Only, it's college, not life and isn't it creepy when some History teacher takes a special liking to a female student? I guess it's creepy when some guy steals a baby and raises it on its own too, so whatever.

Speaking of death - the candidates can't kill themselves. Wouldn't the Candidates be a good rival band for the Constants? Just sayin'. So, Richard hasn't been able to die and that's why he hasn't aged? Will the other Candidates (the 815 survivors) not age too? I don't get some of this, but frankly, I haven't put much effort into trying to figure it out.

That leads me to the poll. That's right, we've got a poll. The show is wrapping up - every preview is supposed to pump you up for the big giant finale. But is anyone just over it?

Oh, and a moment for Jack. Finally, Jack seemed to do something right. It was so nice to go back to classic Lost. We're on the beach, there's scary things out there, we're camping out and moving in slow motion to classic LOST music.

Oh, and Widmore is on a submarine. What do you all think about that?! When does Desmond come back!

Speak to us, people. Let us know if you're over it. And if you're not, comment away.


sam said...

i didn't know if i'd live to see the day, but there it was right before my eyes: jack just became a man of faith.

nortagemdar said...

I am the opposite of over it. I just got 45 points for Alex (more if she said LOST or Dr. Linus, wasn't paying too close attention). This show is really happening in a far out way. Dig it.

Ben Steinert said...

I knew Ben would come through eventually. It is a little creepy that he kidnapped a baby and raised it as his own, and has a special liking for the same interdimensional female student, (which he handled in the most appropriate way possible, Kudos to you, Ben)...

but what I like is that perhaps Ben is not very strong, and maybe he was manipulated, and maybe he did the wrong thing, but by god inside he's a good person, and perhaps more than that he can bring out the good in others.

madewell said...

I'd like to point out that there's no option of being over Orange Peel Mouth.

I can't believe I didn't recognize Jack becoming a man of faith... I must've been really out of it.

Another thought: it's interesting to see who the characters meet in their sideways flash because those are obviously who is the writers want you to think is important to that character. Kate and Sawyer and Claire. Sayid and Nadyia (as opposed to Shannon, who also died in his arms). Ben and Alex.

Helps you sift through the bullshit.

lil' maxwell said...

in the alternate reality, Walter Peck wins!

Eryn said...

Ben made choices in both realities - not going with Locke and not putting principal over Alex's Yale chances - both doing what's "right." I think this was the writers redeeming him, if not making up for the bad he's done, at least letting us know he's tried and is on the good path now.

That was awesome that the dynamite didn't go off - I too agree, perhaps the candidates are ageless now?

P.S. - Richard came to the island on that old ship! I'm itching to find out his story.

nortagemdar said...

I couldn't tell if Richard was non-aging because he was a candidate or if it was because that was the deal he made. Like Dogen and his son; Sayid and Nadia. But it could go either way now that I think about it. Also, since I always have some random idea/hope of something that won't ever happen - Keamy looks like he could be related to Ben Linus. Or am I thinking of Gary Busey?

Cody said...

Alpert was the captain of the Black Rock, I bet. Too many mentions of the East Indian Trading Company for it to be a coincidence! I really think this was the best episode of the season so far. It felt old school. Jack finally lost it! No more temple!

sam said...

Alpert checked out the chains on his way in - and smoke locke mentioned alpert out of chains - so I'm guessing he was some kind of prisoner that made a deal with jacob and now has permanent eyeliner. And lives forever. I love anything with ben so I was pleased to see him become a good guy because I'd love to see him still standing in the end but I kind of prefer my ben manipulative and blowing my mind.

DB said...

Who knew this season would be so Arnzt-heavy? Didn't see that coming. And I still say that Richard Alpert's finest work was with the Tijuana Brass.


talkaboutcharles said...

"And I still say that Richard Alpert's finest work was with the Tijuana Brass."

He will always be BatManuel to me.