Wednesday, February 4, 2009

He's Alive!

Matthew was going to post this, but unfortunately he is really busy analyzing a YouTube clip that claims the black smoke monster was in the pilot episode. He should emerge from his room in 3-4 days with the results.

Speaking of results... According to Orange Peel Mouth readers, Jin did NOT die as a result of the freighter explosion! 58% of voters (that's 17 virtual people!) believe Jin did not die. 41% (12) disagree.

Will we see Jin again? Probably. Will he be alive? Who the hell knows. Will Jin advance Sun's storyline (or has it already!?)? Will his non-death explain the continuum? Was ALnonymous waving the jackass flag as Matthew claimed? (like all civil wars, this battle was brother against brother)

Maybe the answers will be revealed tonight!


Anonymous said...

Wait, it's not the smoke you see right before the plane engine blows up, is it? Cause that is clearly just good old fashioned burning jet fuel smoke.

beckler said...

since it's lost, it's not "old fashioned smoke" it's c.g. smoke. lost has some of the worst c.g. smoke ever! even when they could just use real smoke they go with c.g.!

Anonymous said...

I love when they cg in clouds.