Wednesday, February 11, 2009

LOST and Bothered.

Valentine's Day Edition!

Hey, that love holiday is this week, so let's talk about Sun & Jin, shall we?

We know they're HOT (I mean, look at them... you can also look at previous comments on this blog mentioning Sun in a bikini). But what makes the couple so irresistible?

Romance? Drama? Separation? Death? Life?

Sun & Jin are sooooo dramatic (or should we call it passionate?). In the course of 4-5 seasons they have:
  • found love in different social classes
  • he's worked as an assassin for her father
  • she cheated on him
  • she lost her wedding ring
  • she learned English and didn't tell him
  • they stopped talking, went away on rafts, reunited
  • thought he died but doesn't know he's alive
  • had his baby without him, yet in her delirious state called out his name and refused to have the baby alone
  • cried at his grave
  • lied about his death
  • ran to her as the boat was being blown up, but didn't reach her in time...

Now she's turning into quite a femme fatale (hot) and he's all dirty and sweaty on the beach (hot).


The Armeniac said...

I know you mentioned it already but I feel it bears repeating: Sun in a bikini..Rowr!! V\Can we get a picture?

Anonymous said...

Well put Madewell!

-H. Conway Esq.

Matt Jacobson (formerly Ultimate Matt) said...

Sun is an awful, selfish person.

K-H said...

Yes. Salty chappy male lips = hot. I want to smear Carmex all over them.

Chelsey said...

Next LOST and Bothered...


He is THE sexiest man on the show!