Monday, February 8, 2010

Fantasy LOST score sheet & players

To Keep Score:

The link for this spreadsheet is here.

To See Who Has What Characters:

The link for this spreadsheet is here.


madewell said...

I was able to load my scores (and the scores of those who posted) into the first spreadsheet, which automatically updates it on this blog and at the link.

Try entering your scores and let me know if it works!

lil' maxwell said...

I tallied up the points. If you think I messed up on yours, comment here.

lil' maxwell said...

P.S. - I probably did.

nortagemdar said...

Wow, great job!

madewell said...

thanks Matthews!

I'm ready for a Kate-centric episode! She's my breadwinner.

Eryn said...

Wow props to the OPM team (mostly/all madewell?) for the spreadsheets!