Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So, Jack is a dad. It's kind of mind blowing that the bomb blast didn't only change from the point the plane should have crashed onward, but it seems to have SERIOUSLY altered their lives up until that point as well. I know that was already revealed, but what could've made things so different that Jack has a kid? I guess that whole Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park butterfly flaps it's wings thing applies here, huh? Claire's pretty crazy. And still Jack's sister in the flash side-ways, though he still doesn't know it. And that lighthouse...a little too fairy tale-ish for me, but we'll see where it leads. I guess we finally know the numbers are coordinates, unless their meaning goes even deeper. Remember way back in season one when Hurley says he first heard the numbers from a guy in the mental institution that kept repeating them, and HE heard them over a radio when he was in the Pacific? Do you think the voice was Jacob then?


Anonymous said...

Prediction: Jack's baby mama will be Juliet! I'm probably wrong, but it doesn't keep me from declaring it!


Cody said...

I bet you're right.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone,
It's Andrew Jackson, you're Lost connection over in the mid-east portion of the states. so, here is my run down of last nights episode: Jacks surgery scar is in the shape of the ISLAND!
Jacks kid, named David, is a red socks fan and also a killer piano player. the scene where David is playing the piano may lead you to believe that what David was listening to in the kitchen was Chopin or something classical, but you'd be wrong, dead wrong, he was, in fact, listening to DRIVESHAFT!
Jacob finally makes an appearance with those damn sad big ol' puppy dog baby blues break our hearts again!
Claire is alot like Russo now; similar kind of kid dilemma.
if you think about it, just a little bit, you'll realize that everyone on the island is switching places. Jack now has a kid just like Kate did, Claire is like Russo and i think Grace up there is right. i think the kid is going to turn out having something to do with Juliet. Swayer and Jack were always kind of after the same women and they were kind of switching off between them through the shows history; at one point jack had kate and swayer did too, same goes for juliet. i mean, before it was ben who had Russo's kid and now it's going to be the samurai or something else kind of derivative of it.

i think Cody is right that this is a butterfly effect type deal. no doubt. it's kind the same guidelines as Back to the Future too. however, i did enjoy the lighthouse. it was fairy tale-ish. also, afterwards Jack kept imploring that Hugo ask "him" what the mirrors pointed at the ocean were for and what it all meant; why they were being watched and for how long. it gave the impression of faith. if Jack had faith and would just settle down for a moment instead of bubbling over and being emo jack, he'd understand better. I'm taking it as a vague metaphysical nod.

anyway, i better go, but next week guys, it's going to be good or i'll eat my hat. just to be safe though, i'll buy a small hat, cut it up into tiny pieces and boil it for the next week because, let's get real folks, this season is starting to depress me.

A.J. Jackson

nms said...

So was Rousseau the infected one? It seems to be that way now.

P.S. Couldn't they find a better wig for Claire?

Anonymous said...

Finding good wigs and beards (or face-wigs as I like to call them) has not been a strong suit of the Lost producers.

Really loving how much this season is mirroring the first. Think we'll see a polar bear?


epimentel said...

Very little happened... again... A magic lighthouse? Okay.. I guess that reinforces the Egyptian theme with that old wonder the lighthouse in Alexandria.. but still. "The time for answers has come" ... uh, not really. Maybe in the season finale. Lots of filler - and probably the longest commercial breaks since the show started!

I just want stuff to start happening already. This season has been very boring so far..

madewell said...

It makes so much sense that an island has a light house. Who is supposed to get there? Widmore? Desmond?

too bad Jin told Claire the truth. I would've liked to have seen her kill Kate.

At this point, I think they're just throwing the numbers in there wherever they feel like it.

madewell said...

I just read that the piece David played at his audition was the same one Daniel Faraday played when his Mom said to quit piano. I had wondered about that!

Dillon said...

I can't wait for the scene when Sawyer and Juliet meet up at Dutch Bros. for coffee and find out they're in love. Should Juliette turn out to be Jack's baby-momma, then Sawyer can become a step-dad and him and Jack could fight over a little boys attention. Sawyer would make a really good "mom's shitty new boyfriend" character. Here's my other opinions on this seasons progress. Jacob: now that we've seen him I wish he would go away. Christian Shepards body is missing: For some reason this seems to be the one consistent thing between the two realities, thus the only possible bridge between them that I see. Claire: Pleas kill Kate, please. Jack's music in the Bronco: Definitely not the sick Nirvana jams for Jack any more. It was like some stanky blues jam if I remember right, thumbs down. Jack needs to get his hands on some pills and a bottle of Malibu and get that Island feeling back again. The numbers: meh. Who's coming to the island? It's gotta be either, Desmond, Penny, or Charles Widmore as they are the only people who can seem to find it by sea.

Andy said...

Yeah, they gave us nothing in this episode (or maybe this season).

I tire of things being *so crucial* and then not mattering what-so-ever when they don't happen.

You have to keep typing in these numbers!
You must turn the lighthouse to this degree to help the guy find the island!

But then.. if you don't... it really doesn't matter.