Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bon Voyage

It's kind of weird to think about it ending, right? As much as we've reached a point in the story where I'm feeling a little "Dear God, Please just wrap it up", I'm pretty bummed to see LOST go. Beyond the actual show, I'm going to miss watching with friends every week, talking theories and making friends because of LOST. Many a times I have talked LOST with a person I've just met to ease the awkwardness. Many nights, I've huddled around the TV with friends - even back in New York I can remember sitting in a friend's apartment with some girl I didn't really know, while she screamed "I WANT ANSWERS". That was only season 3. And let's not forget all of those Maxwell family dinners/lunches/brunches that were ONLY LOST focused.

So, goodbye LOST. It's been real. At least I can focus on BSG now.

Come say goodbye.
Sunday, May 23rd.
1pm -- ??? (until LOST programming starts?? 6ish?)

My Backyard -- if you don't know where I live, let me know and I can give you the address. Please come through the alley.

Please bring something to share (or grill) and a chair (if you prefer sitting).

Also, there are some fabulous trophies: don't forget to wear a costume!!!

Lastly, an acoustic performance by the Constants. You may have heard of them.


Cody said...

Is that the smoke monster with a hamburger and a hotdog?

Anonymous said...

no, sir. It's Jin and Sun, drifting a part. Holding a hamburger and a hot dog.