Monday, January 5, 2009

Touching Base

So folks, sorry it's been awhile since a post. You know how the holidays are though. That, along with the difficulty of thinking of something worth blogging about without a constant flow of information (or should I say, new episodes) has made the past couple of weeks seem pretty dry. I can't promise that the next couple of weeks won't be the same, but I will say we do have some stuff in store. I'll post a new "Where Were They Then?" sometime tomorrow (Tuesday), we're trying to think of some good polls (suggestions?), and most exciting of all, we've got something in store for the premiere of season 5 on January 21st. I also hear rumors of a Sacramento based, LOST-themed pop sensation that will take the city (country! world!) by storm, but I'll let that come to light all on it's own.

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