Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tonight is the Night!

We're trying to think of some good rules for a drinking game. So far we have:

Drink everytime...
-Ben is creepy.
-Sayid is badass.
-somone isn't wearing a shirt.
-you mind is blown.

Any others? We were also going to make some rules of conduct, but they are all basically turning out to be rephrasings of "don't talk during the show!" Anyone have anything to add?


Moustache said...

-Every time hurley says "dude"
-Every time sawyer says "son of a bitch" or calls someone by a nick name
-Every time it shows someone who is already dead

madewell said...

who is gonna be the DD? This is a pretty comprehensive list...

Anonymous said...

Every time someone asks a question, only to have it met with something which is not the answer.