Monday, January 26, 2009

Jin: Dead or Alive?

There seems to be a division amongst our growing readership. There are those that think Jin, husband of Sun, father of Ji Yeon, is dead and then there are those who think he somehow survived the explosion of the freighter, managed not to drown, and is alive and well somewhere? Now, simply asking the question "is Jin dead?" is a bad idea. Christian Shepard, Charlie and Ana Lucia are all "dead," yet they've all been seen either on or off of the Island. So, I am going to be a little more specific. Did Jin die as a result of the explosion of the freighter? Poll to the top right, leave your reasons in the comments!


The Armeniac said...

Jin is alive because Al bet he wasn't. As someone who's taken and won many a bet with Al, trust me, Grandpa's guaranteed to be wrong once he bets on it.

Anonymous said...

Jin is dead! Here are my reasons:
1) Even if he somehow survived the freighter explosion, he would still have been left stranded in the middle of the ocean.
2) DP is almost always wrong.


Cody said...

If only we could get Michael V to weigh in on the issue. If there's someone who actually is wrong, every single time, it's him.

DB said...

But don't only dead people appear in visions? So if Jin shows up in a vision, does that count as being dead?

P.S.: Jin = dead as Dillinger.

madewell said...

Jin is alive. I've stated my reasons before, but again: he's alive, if only to advance the Sun storyline.

Where has he been the last three years? Duh, working for Ben.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, taken the bet and won many times?

I can remember only one instance, sir, and that is the loss of five dollars over a discretion as to what year American Beauty was released. Otherwise, I believe, I've won all other bets.

Soooooooo, how about it DP? Five bucks says Jin's sorry drunk driving carcass is dead, dead, dead, deader than a doornail.


Anonymous said...

PS Not a bad job if you can get it.

Anonymous said...

Jin is not dead:

1)Because the Jin and Sun love story is one of the best love stories of all time.

2)Because before Desmond showed up and after I realized Sayid has a really strange, tiny woman gymnast's body, Jin was the finest man on the Island.

3) He got off the freighter before it blew up and went with the island, just like the people on the smaller boat.

-H. Conway Esq

word verification:
sekick: How Heather knows Jin is not dead.

madewell said...

oh my goodness, how I believe even more, now that I've read Conways #2 reason.

Eryn said...

There are lots of reasons why Jin is alive... but - the number one reason why Jin isn't dead?

The writers would never think of losing all of their Korean viewers.

People do realize how popular Lost is in South Korea, largely in part because of the Sun and Jin characters?

The writers want us to think he's dead and use logic to say "well he would have been dead in the middle of the ocean - and even if he made it alive, where has he been these 3 years?" ..but you are forgetting - the rules of logic don't work when it comes to Lost.

The writers do whatever they want.

Dylan Thomas B. said...

My theory as to why he is still alive is really boring.

Daniel Dae Kim is still credited as a main cast member. All of the other cast members who died were soon after taken out of the main credits. So if he is still there in the next season, he will soon be back and will hopefully stay around for some time.

Ben said...

Jin is dead.
The DUI doesn't lie.

Ultimate Matt said...

Jin is dead. The freighter didn't go with the island when it moved, so even if he survived he was too far to be transported with the island, so no chances of him drifting back like he did when the raft exploded.

Personally, I think his being dead advances Sun's story far more - after years of the poor guy having to shovel shit just to be married to her, she finally starts to appreciate him, and then he gets killed for her. Guilt is a fine impetus for story. He'll show up as a ghost, probably. An unaccented english-speaking ghost.

The Armeniac said...

OK Al I'll take that challenge, not a bad bet if you can get it. Biz, I'd like to point out what I've been right about: Syd Barrett, low/no fat foods being disastrous for our health ( thanks Jes!), Joe Flaco, butter being a blessing from on high (once again thanks Jes), the Prog Rock revival of the early 2000's, JJ Abrams hatred of Amenians and......I called it way back in 07'.... OBAMA!

The Armeniac said...

Oh yeah, I was also right about playing solos with a "slow shred" style. Clapton revival on the way any day now, I called it!

Anonymous said...

nice shred if you can get it.


Anonymous said...

He's dead because his tombstone in the photo says, "I'm not alive."

DB said...

DP, you forgot to admit that I was dead-right about Huckabee. What I was right about, I have no idea.

Also, regarding Jin's death - what if it turns out the passengers really did die in the plane crash? Does that invalidate the bet? You can't die in a boat explosion if you're already dead, as my Grandpa used to say.

Anonymous said...

DB, your grandpa is right. Umh, I hereby restate that if the passengers already died in the plane crash then Jin is SECOND dead.

The bet is still on! I am extending my hand in cyberspace to shake the Armeniac's cyber hand. You are all witnesses.

-Grandpa Al

PS I'm spending my five dollars on orange peels.

The Armeniac said...

Good job on the cyber shake Gramps! I know it gets tough in your advanced age to shake at any way. Dan, I'm sorry I was so remiss in not calling attention to the dead-rightness of your Huckabee call. I guess I was just focused on my rightness and forgot about all the dead-rightness out there in the world. Live and learn uh!?!

Veri-word: Kopadv: "I think I filed an appeal for Kopadv yesterday, let me check my files and get back to you."

The Armeniac said...
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Anonymous said...

You get Kopadv blue jeans, yes?

Cody said...

Are you people voting multiple times on different computers in order to keep the numbers so close. this is getting ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I've been typing the numbers into my computer all fucking day!


beckler said...

Wow, best thread ever! Except for every single thread over on Heckasac. J.K.-can you tell I'm jealous?

Jin is dead. I got that impression from the podcasts.

Cody said...

I can tell you're jealous because you totally posted about LOST before I got a chance!!! Heckasac is always scooping my material!!! Do it again, and I'm going to start posting about Morants and your vacations!