Thursday, January 22, 2009

Questions & Answers: Because You Left and The Lie

Wow. What a season premiere! It may be too soon to say this, and my view may be skewed since we made such an event of it, but I dare to say that was the best season opener yet! As you can see from the evidence below, we had a nice turnout for the Orange Peel Mouth Premiere party. Everyone followed the "no talking" rule quite nicely, so it goes without saying that by the end of the night we all had a billion questions and theories running through our heads. So let's talk about them. I'll try and get things started with some that I thought of or heard other people talking about. Please add your theories or your own questions to the comments! (And yes, if you haven't seen the new episodes, there are spoilers here. Duh.)

1. Do you think the Faraday who was working on the Orchid station in the opening sequence was the Faraday we know and love who somehow ended up in the past, or do you think at that point he had not traveled through time yet? (That is a hard question to phrase, hopefully you all get what I'm asking.)

2. Do you think Sun's intentions towards Widmore are good or bad? How about Kate? She seems a bit spiteful doesn't she?

3. Did you notice that when Faraday asks if all of the crash survivors are accounted for, Sawyers says that Locke is not, but doesn't mention Claire. Where is she in all of this?

4. Why does Sawyer want a shirt so badly, but doesn't seem to care about his lack of footwear?

5. Miles is Pierre Chang's baby: a possibility or just a racist assumption? Was the baby born on the island? If so, could the unleashed energy be the thing that's messing up all the baby-mamas?

6. What's with the people shooting the flaming arrows at the camp? Don't you think it's weird that they're shooing flaming arrows? The the dude in the jungle has a gun. Was he with Dharma, or maybe someone else? Are the arrow shooters and the gun dudes one in the same?

7. Do you think Ana Lucia pulling Hurley over was an intentional nod to her drunk driving arrest? Wouldn't have been funnier if Jin and Libby were in the back seat? (Though she did say "Libby says hi.")

8. Why is Charlotte the only one with a nosebleed? If they're all traveling, shouldn't they all be getting sick?

9. Ms. Hawkings. Good or bad? Could she be Faradays mother (time travel experts all look alike)? How does Ben get to her so fast?

10. How are the Constants so good?

By the way, I know at the inception of this blog I said that there would be episode recaps, but I'm realizing that it's A.) really hard and B.) pointless, since Lostpedia does a great job of summing everything up. Got a problem with that? Save it for the comments!


madewell said...

who is sun working with? Because I don't think she's working alone... the guy on entertainment weekly suggested that she's not only moved on, but that she's "knocking boots" with The Economist that Ben was trying to get Sayid to kill. (btw, what did Ben do to piss off Sayid?!) In convo today, Cody suggested that Sun could possibly be working WITH Ben. All of this is going to come crashing down on her when she realizes Jin isn't dead.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of the premiere was when they introduced that extra then killed him off immediately. You know, one of the many other people who have also been on the island this whole time but they never show.. I love when they do that!

Did anyone else pick up that that was the guy from the Got Milk? commercial with the peanut butter and Aaron Burr?


Dylan Thomas B. said...

If the Arrow is a station built to protect the DI from the "Hostiles," and the survivors were getting hit with flaming arrows, maybe that's how the Arrow Station got its name. That makes sense, yeah?

Cody said...

Totally Dylan. The same thought crossed my mind. At first I was hoping they had gotten so far back in time that the Island's native people were attacking, but then I remembered "when" they were according to the status of the Swan station. I'm assuming that indiginous people predate the swan station....or DO they? There's a good chance the hostiles could be Island natives whose main goal is to protect the island from outsiders.

Yeah, I'm thinking Sun may be shacking up with Ben, and he's using her to get to Widmore. That would be a pretty effed up thing for Ben to do, but you know he'd do it. Although he does seem to have a thing for blondes, so maybe not.

I totally recognized Frogurt as the got milk guy!

Ultimate Matt said...

I'm guessing Daniel at the beginning was a future/time traveling Daniel, if that makes sense. Meaning, Daniel will go back in time at some point in season 5 or 6 to that opening scene. I say this because if he had been involved in the Dharma intitative and their building of the stations, he wouldn't be so shocked by everything on the island.

Sun's intentions for Widmore are ba - he got her husband killed. I dont think she's hooked up with Ben yet, but I can see that happening.

I think he just went with "everyone who was accounted for at the time of the incident". Claire was already gone by then.

Sawyer was self-conscious about his weird looking abdomen?

Charlotte has been on the island before, remember. She said she wanted to "get back". So she's probably feeling the exact same effects that Desmond had felt. She's been through the EM Barrier, or whatever the hell it is that the time loop theory guy called it, twice or more.

Anonymous said...

The dude in the army outfit with the name "Joseph" who wanted to cut off Juliet's hand is a Widmore.

I gotta admit, when Hurley gave himself up to the police, I was like, "Crap, now we have to deal with this nonsense before getting to more Dharma initiative?" I was kinda bored. I was like, "Hey David Paul, hey Matthew, I'm kinda bored."


madewell said...

Dear Al,

stop posting as anonymous!

Cody said...

Hey Alnonymous,
We need to talk. There's too much bullshit ass bullshit coming out of your mouth (via your fingers). Didn't you hear that today is National Don't Fuck Around Day?


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Jin is totally dead.

Sorry, I hate to admit that I was bored, but maybe it was because I wasn't feeling good. Sorry.

What's up with Sawyer scooping up Jack's ladies?


madewell said...

I had the Jin discussion last night with someone ... where's the idea is that the freighter didn't get caught up in the time travel, so Jin has to be in real time, which would lead to the question, if he's alive, where has he been for the last 3 years? I still like to believe that he's alive though.

I think Sawyer should be more concerned that he's scooping up BEN's lady.

I like "Joseph" as Widmore!

Obviously, AL, you are just too old and cranky to enjoy LOST anymore. Maybe you should've watched it with 20 of Matthew's closest friends.

Cody said...

Your apology means a lot to me, Al.

Would you care to elaborate on your Jin is dead theory vs. everyone else's Jin is alive theory, either in these here comments, or preferably in an article we can post? Jay (if you're reading this), would you like to write the counterpoint? I have to say at this point I'm undecided.

Anonymous said...

Here is why Jin is dead:

1. Jin (or whoever plays Jin) was drunk driving. Drunk driving equals dead. At best, he'll have a crappy role as a figment of Hurley's imagination.

2. Jin dying opens up Sun to all sort of romantic possibilities. Sun and Ben? Sun and Widmore? Sun and Hurley? Sun and Sawyer? Sun and Jack? Sun and Kate? Sun and Walt? You know all of this sounds awesome. Better than dead old drunk driving Jin.

3. Jin is dead because I bet Jana five bucks that he's dead.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, did I mention that Jin is dead because he was in a giant boat explosion?


madewell said...

the fact that Jin being dead opens Sun up to romantic possibilities is the exact reason why Jin is NOT dead.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. I gotta take a drink, Madewell, cause that comment just blew my mind.


Ben said...

"Lost has been brought to you by M.A.D.D."

Anonymous said...

Bring back Eli Stone!

yolkie said...

The episode was pretty good but later when I thought about it I was pissed off that I still have learned nothing new.
I think Jin is dead. We'll possibly see more of him, as we usually do with the dead people, but I think it will be lame if they bring him back. (Not unlike another lame moment in The Dark Knight with Gordon's fake death)

Anybody notice that Hurley's dad was watching Expose, the show that dead diamond stealer Nikki was on?

I keep thinking about that last scene with the cloaked lady. It seems like something big was supposed to be revealed but we just get the sense that things are fucked if the crew doesn't go back. Do we think that the world will be in trouble or just the world of the island?

Anonymous said...

the island. It will get a bloody nose/

Eryn said...

So I'm sure people smarter than me picked up on this already, but re-watching the premiere tonight and had an "oooh" moment... the characters still on the island are jumping through time every 108 minutes? Does that sound right?

P.S. Who REALLY leaves their knives facing upwards in a dishwasher?!

madewell said...

I think one of the only big things that happened in that last scene was that for once, Ben seemed like he wasn't in control. But he probably was.

Anonymous said...

I think that Sayid is such a badass that he purposely left the knives facing upward as part of his booby trapping.
I really like the theory that Miles is Dr. Whats-his-names son. You guys are blowing my mind!

-H Conway Esq

P.S. Jin is not dead.

madewell said...

Dear H Conway Esq:

would you be willing to take part in the "Jin is/is not dead" debate and offer up your reasons?!

Anonymous said...

Dear H Conway Esq,

Jin is dead, gone and buried. Sorry.


My word verification is "falic"! Awesome!

DB said...

The premiere episodes had too much a filler - it spent so much time re-setting up where everyone was and what they were doing, it was practically a 3-hour long recap show.

By the way, has anyone advanced the theory that the souped-up jeep Jack is driving in the future is a retrofitted Dharma vehicle? Also, the baby in the beginning is the red-headed chick who looks like a hot version of Eric Stoltz from "Mask".

madewell said...


I have heard that theory.

Eryn said...

I agree with the "Jin is alive because Sun is open to new romantic involvements" line of thinking. The fact that Sun has turned into this cold-hearted bitch and that she is obsessed with her husband's death and wanting revenge makes me think Jin will come back eventually. Of course, there is a lot of hope in there, I could totally see the writers really killing him off, as they decide a lot of stuff haphazardly when it comes to plot and characters. Those effers.

And they could have shown the entire boat blow up - but it didn't. From the finale it's obvious anyone could have jumped off after the explosion or had plenty of stuff to float on.

Anyways, come on, logic doesn't apply to Lost, don't people know that??