Friday, April 10, 2009

Who would you want to call Mom or Dad?

The last two episodes have featured the parental stylings of both Ben and Kate. Ben and Kate have something in common: they like to steal other people's babies and raise them as their own. Amusing now, isn't it, that Ben harassed Kate with his "but he isn't your son" comment? So, who is the better "parent"?
Let's review some of the facts:
-Ben STEALS Alex, but saves her life by not killing her as Charles wanted
-Ben is a controlling father, wanting only the best for his child
-Ben let's Alex die, though he does seem to be remorseful and wants to seek revenge for her life (a true sign of fatherly love)
-Kate takes Aaron as her own only after Claire disappears
-Kate prefers to lie to everyone about being his mother, rather then find his true family
-Kate admits that she was pretty much using Aaron's love to deal with Sawyer leaving her
-Kate gives Aaron to his grandmother to go back to the Island (supposedly to find Claire)
So, who do you think is better at parenting? Let us know. You have a week!


madewell said...

I also forgot to mention that Kate LOST Aaron in a grocery store, which was some kind of tragedy.

megagem said...

Ben totally is the better parent. He didn't "let" Alex die, he totally tried to reverse psychology the situation and failed. There was NOTHING else he could have done in the situation. I mean, that's like saying that if someone takes a hostage and kills them that everyone who is present "let" it happen. Let's also not forget that Ben tried to protect Alex from her romeo/juliet love with that other other, what could be more dadly than that? It takes a community to raise a child and Ben had that not only with the D.I., the O.s but also with the ghosts of the island. Kate had an abusive father and an enabler mother. It's hands down in my book.

Cody said...

No way. Kate is a better parent. Don't get me wrong, I hate her and think she's a pretty bad parent. But when it comes down to it, if your kid got kitnapped, would you rather:

1. Someone take him (away from danger, thought I guess that's arguable), selfishly raise him as their own for 3 years, then give him back to their rightful guardian.


2. Take the kid away at gunpoint, selfishly raise them as their own for 16 years (or however long it was), then allow her to be used as a pawn in their struggle for power.

I could be wrong, and maybe anyone with a kid can confirm or deny this, but I'm thinking if a dude has a gun to my child's head, it doesn't matter how sure of myself I am, I'm not going to bluff and say it wouldn't matter if he shot her. That's the point any GOOD parent would choose the possibility of saving their child's life over their own fate.

The Armeniac said...

Right on Cody! Ben is terrible parent, Kate was a pretty good foster parent. She should've given Aaron to Grams, sure, but she didn't threaten to kill his mamma. Plus she looks waaaaaayyyyy better in skirt suit!

Anonymous said...

Kate is easily the best parent. Why? Well, Alex is completely loveable, so anyone would be happy to be her parent. Even a maniac like Ben.

However, Aaron is the most hateful child in the history of the world. The fact that Kate didn't abandon him the moment he said "juicebox" attests for her otherworldly parenting skills.


madewell said...

um... ever consider the possibility that Aaron is that way BECAUSE of Kate's parenting?

The Armeniac said...

I've been waiting for a good Maxwell comment war! Can you believe how rude Madwell was to you Al? You really should stick to her! Pretend she's Cody.

megagem said...

Why is everyone so convinced that giving Aaron to Grams (aka crazy old cooter) is such a good idea? Remember when Jack followed sketchy dudes back to her apartment? You think selfish kate did a background on C.O.C. before ditching Aaron? Doubt it! And Alex lived to like 16. Aaron's like 3. He could die any time and if life span isn't a judge of good parenting then what is? I think we need more of COC before we sing Kate's praises on dumping the kid.

The Armeniac said...

Good point! But Ben's still gotta be a shitty parent, he told Widmore Alex didn't mean anything to him and dare him to shoot her. That's poor parenting.

veriword: appropriately enough-mater

The Armeniac said...

I can't believe Ben is winning! What is wrong with you people! Sick I tell ya! Sick!

madewell said...

well, DP, you have two more days to make your case!

Cody said...

clearly madewell and megagem are fudgung the numbers.

The Armeniac said...

The case is simple. Ben dared Widmore to shoot his daughter. That's all the evidence the prosecution needs. Perhaps Kates decision to give Aaron to Grams was hasty and her decision to keep Aaron was selfish, but she didn't dare Grams to shoot him or steal him from his mother. Besides, Ben is a prick, known fact.

Eryn said...

Ben had one lapse in his parenting - that was the mistake he made by assuming Widmore wouldn't break the rules. He felt that Widmore not only wouldn't, but couldn't kill his daughter by the sacred "code of the island" if you will. He never felt as if Alex was really in danger. Widmore broke the rules, which is why Ben was so bent on killing HIS daughter, Penny, to make him feel the pain he did.

Kate is more of a babysitter, an "acting" parent. Aaron didn't come from her womb, just like Alex didn't come from Ben's tea bag, but her attachment seems so artificial.

nms said...

I'm voting for Kate. I've been hatin' on this wench as of late too, but watching those scenes with aaron really hit me emotionally. She also delivered him for Claire, and I'm sure that gave her some sort of bond to him. She helped bring him into the world. I feel like her love for Aaron is genuine, even though she kept him for selfish reasons. Plus, she held onto him for dear life when the helicopter crashed in the ocean! That has to count for something!!