Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jorge Garcia Is Awesome.

OMG, I was just telling a certain crumb of a friend that if I could meet any two actors from LOST it would be Michael Emerson (Ben) and Jorge Garcia (Hurley). We already saw Michael Emerson on Jimmy Fallon and today Jorge Garcia was on the Bonnie Hunt show! Who knew Bonnie Hunt had a talk show. Anyway, his interview is awesome. He says that since they don't film in LA, LOST has just become a "show that just me and my friends do out in the jungle".

You can watch the full clip here.


JennY. said...

Awwww, I love Hurely!! I mean, Jorge!! ;o) I'm new to your blog- I commented a couple days ago as Anonymous because I didn't have a sign-on yet. Anyhow, Jorge posted on his blog (a day late for me by the time I read it) that he was appearing on the Bonnie Hunt show today and I thought Crap!! I missed it! Then your link fell from the heavens - yay! He's just great in every way possible. I want to steal him from his gf. Hee! Thanks again for the link!

Anonymous said...

who is bonnie hunt?

Anonymous said...

nice get-ups.