Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dead Is Dead.

Ugh. Comment. As of now, I'm not a fan of Dead is Dead.

Okay, now that I've had some time to think about it, I'm ready to take a sturdier stand on the epsode. Note the "as of now" in the original post...I know I'm easily swayed. Reading what you have to say in the comments certainly helps get my thoughts in order. DB eloquently said pretty much exactly what I was thinking. The concepts in last night's episode (and much of this season) are great. I'll agree with The Armeniac - seeing inside the temple, with all the glyphs and everything, was totally awesome. But the smoke monster playing back all of Ben's bad deeds (in full color, no less?) That part felt more like a Chick tract than LOST. Alex telling him he has to follow Locke now? I feel like that was too convenient. There goes that interesting dynamic of two men both trying to take the lead. That whole scene was so campy and melodramatic. However, I'll also agree with Meg, that the writers may in fact no what they're doing, and Dead is Dead might end up being less lame in hindsight, once we have a bigger picture. I can also see looking back, when all is said and done, and feeling like this episode is the one that jumped the shark.


Anonymous said...

A good buildup to a weak payoff. Being inside the smoke monster looks a lot like a ride at Disneyland.


Anonymous said...

Well, i thought it was great. It's good to see Locke with some confidence for the first time since season one, and we got to see where Smokey lives, and learn how Ben got hurt, and how Widmore left the island, and the introduction of some new bad guys. What more do you want?


megagem said...

First of all let me just say that until last night I was a week behind in episodes (D&D was on Wednesday last week). As such, I hadn't realized something delightful. Something rare.

I was right about something.

Kate was all bent out of shape, as I predicted, because she loved Aaron and couldn't bear to leave him... well ALMOST couldn't bear to leave him. Booyah, I'm psychic.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, my husband's name is Ben and, thusly, I am starting to occasionaly associate Bad-Guy-Ben when they say his name on the show with my hubby. Talk about roleplaying!

I really enjoyed the last two weeks' episodes. It's not so much that I'm easy to please when it comes to LOST as it is that I trust the writers. I trust that there are things going on on screen that I don't realize. What some of you may take as a slow moving, no payoff episode may in fact be a totally great episode when you watch it in a year after another season of intertwined plotlines. I trust that I am not a professional writer who is so skilled that I was able to wrangle an unheard of contract from one of the nation's largest broadcast companies. I trust that I can't conceive of all the connections that the writers do. I trust that patience is a great skill.

I also trust that Kate has a google eye.

And that I should really try washing my clothes on Sawyer's abs.

And that 'dead' better not be 'dead' for Mr. Eco.

brandi said...

that judgment scene was bad judgment.

The Armeniac said...

Dear OPM,
You don't like the Temple? You don't like Widmore in many wigs? You don't like Locke being a badass? You don't like Richard Alpert playing Ayatollah Khameni to Ben's Ahmadenajead? Are you sure you like LOST?
Let me remind you, we saw INSIDE THE TEMPLE!!!!!!! Egyptian hyrogliphs! Smokey kickin' it with Anubis!!!!! I think you, OPM, have lost your bearings, you're totally insane at this point and are not fit to be Sacramentos' premiere LOST blog.
Sorry ti have to say this, but someone had to intervene.

megagem said...

Also, I decided something about Jecob. It's Mr. Eco. So start spelling it right everyone.

Anonymous said...

Huh. I'm with David Paul. That episode was pretty killer. I even think I saw the back of Danny Offer's friend Chris who was rumored to be a background extra this season.

-Grandpa Al

DB said...

I got your back, OPM. I would have confidence in the writers, if only the writing wasn't so awful this season. As has been the case so often this year, the basic concepts of the episode - seeing inside the temple, summoning the smoke monster, Locke returning from the dead - are sound (except for communing with the CircleVision smoke monster), but the execution is way off.

Besides bad writing and weirdly anesthetized acting, another recurring theme this year is the suspense-filled buildup to the Big Revelation that we already know.

Before David Paul organizes his lynch mob, I'll just say that I still love the show, and I'm not going to stop watching anytime soon. But is this the worst season of "Lost"? By far.

megagem said...

Wait... Big Revelation? That it's not 1970 but 2070?

Anonymous said...

I thought this episode was awesome! Yes, the circle vision inside Smokey was a little cheesy, but how fucking hilarious was Ben shitting in his pants? And Locke's "fuck it" attitude is so bad ass, with that little smile on his face. I love that smile as much as I hate Juliette's smug, little sneer.

Also awesome was Penelope NOT getting shot in front of her child and Desmond kicking the shit out of Ben, even after being shot. More Desmond please.

I agree the execution could have been better, but overall there was a lot of story in this episode and my viewing group loved it.


Cody said...

I updated my previous post. An re-reading it, I realize I take LESS of a stance than before. rather than edit it again, I'll summarize here: there were a few awesome things (inside the temple) but over all I'm still giving it a thumbs down. I'm not giving up hope, I think it COULD get better, but I also feel like it could just get worse from here on out. Either way, I won't stop watching until it's all over.

Also, it was rad that Ben shot Caesar.

DB said...

Did you hear that, everybody? I'm eloquent, so suuuuuuck iiiiiiit!

a. cook said...

It was all like an Indiana Jones movie, entertaining but kinda cheesy minus the Ford

Eryn said...

I felt it was a pretty mediocre episode. By going down in the temple they did confirm that egyptian connection, I'm curious as to how this all fits together with the smoke monster and the island.

Why does there always have to be some random people that have to be badasses and control everything? (the other survivors with Lapidus) I swear, I'm sick of the "Ana-Lucia" types who are just written in to cause trouble and drama. Pssh, get on with the story.

Anonymous said...

no guesses as to what was meant by "What's in the shadow of the statue?" A VW bus?


Alan said...

This show has more cheese than 2 bucks spent on sandwiches at the Old Tavern -- I've been re-watching the oldies -- need I remind anyone of 30 second slo-mo beach run couple reunions set to swelling violins every other episode? So... let's let the show be what it is: masturbation for science fiction fanboys who wish the Mystery Spot was a real place with a flue vent to ancient Egypt and time travel was possible without the assistance of Christopher Lloyd.

That said, episode thoughts:

1) Young man Ben had considerably too much turkey neck - never mind his Nick Calloway bachelor hairdo.

2) Does anyone else not give two little shitloafs about Charles 'Rupert Murdoch' Widmore? I just don't care. He's old. He's a dick. He was on the island once and he's got a whitepeople problem about being in power. I hope this is the last we hear from him. I'm sure it won't be.

3) Ill-tempered Latino death count: 2.

4) The monster glyph kind of looked kind of like someone got their 5 year old daughter to draw it for them.

Alan said...

Ew gross do you think when you become an other they cut off one of your toes?

Anonymous said...

"3) Ill-tempered Latino death count: 2. "

I don't think Cesar is Latino. The actor is from France and the character has always struck me as being of French or Middle Eastern descent. I think he might've been working for Widmore via the Tunisian link.

There's a polar bear in the shadow of the statue and it gnaws off your toe when you get jumped in by the Others.


Cody said...

Yeah, I forgot about the "What lies in the shadow of the statue" bit! That part was also pretty cool. Now I'm REALLY thinking the other 316 survivors were put on by Widmore, and maybe that was how they would make sure someone was with them. Everyone was gathered seperately and told the answer to the question. Who knows if it has any actual relevance to the statue. I hated that Caesar kept saying "my friend". That seems like such a sterotypical thing for someone of ANY race to say.

The Armeniac said...

As someone who deals with people of many races I'll vouch for the heavy use of "my friend". People really want you to know they feel friendly towards you. What better way than saying "my friend" while in conversation!
I think the new Anna Lucia may be an Other, no reason Ben couldn't arrange somin' like that.

madewell said...

I have to say, I enjoyed the ep. Yes, yes, the smoke monster showing flashback was terrible. But still, I'll give it a thumbs up for:
-young adult Ben and his terrible outfit!
-young Charles Widmore (did anyone think he looked like Desmond with that hair - maybe Penny has father issues)
-no Kate!
-more Desmond!!!!! I love you, Desmond!
-kill Ceaser!

I hate those 316ers. I agree with Eryn - why does everyone have to be a badass? Why do people go all Lord of the Flies on this island?

Okay, so what's with Ben and small children? He has to keep baby Alex, he won't kill Penny because of Charlie. Is it the children or the mothers?

Does Ben remember the survivors from Dharma or not? Is he lying?

Also, for the record, things I like include:
-grilled cheese at the Old Tavern

madewell said...

also I've heard theories that Jughead lies in the shadow of the statue.