Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Questions & Answers: Some Like It Hoth

I enjoyed this episode, but I'm a big fan of Miles. It was pretty much an Information episode, but I always like it when you get to see more of Dharma and the inner-workings.
I'm gonna guess that Dr. Chang made his wife and son leave the Island because he had gotten wind of the purge and wanted to save them. I'm assuming he didn't mention this to his wife, however.
Faraday is back! Who didn't love seeing his head pop out of that submarine? So, okay, Faraday has been in Ann Arbor... which means when he "took off" it was to go be a scientist. He's not with the Others, he didn't kill himself, etc etc.
So, Miles got a counter-offer to not go work for Widmore. And yeah, that guy in the van - Bram - was on flight 316 and is now holding a gun to Lapidus' head. He's the one who knows to ask "What lies in the shadow of the statue?". So, what do you think is in the shadow of the statue?
Also, anyone who doesn't like Hurley is a crumb.
Lastly, we now know that it's possible for you to exist twice in the same time. Miles and Baby Miles are both on the Island in 1977. "Maybe he'll let you hold baby you" was the best.
Important LOST news: there's no episode next week (it's a recap show, I guess) and then there's only FOUR episodes left. That's all we get.


Dylan Thomas B. said...

So, does anyone else remember at Cody's premiere party/Constants show, I said, "I think that Marvin Candle's baby is Miles." Because, I remember that. It's nice to actually get one.

Also, I think the picture for this post should be one of Miles. It's only fair. It's his only episode.

Before all of the hate that usually goes in these threads, I would like to say that I totally loved this episode. Maybe it was the Star Wars references, or the fact that my theory was confirmed, but I thought it was pretty rad. We actually saw quite a bit, and the dialogue wasn't all that bad compared to some previous episodes. Hurley called Marvin Candle a douche. That's like my favorite insult!

Ben said...

Last night's was rad. "Dead is Dead" was also rad. I like how Ben told lies to like four different people. Journey to ye olde temple and the monster's judgment was also rad. For the first time you see Ben actually CARE about something, and be legitimately affected and SHAKEN by it.

I thought the monster's replay of pivotal moments in Ben's relationship to his daughter was fitting and effective!...when the monster then physically manifested itself as Alex and told Ben "You little bitch, you're not calling the shots anymore. OBEY LOCKE"...that was awesome. You can see on his face for the first time that he's changing his tune.

That change in dynamic also brilliantly segues into the treatment I'm writing for a Lost spin-off sitcom "Locke'd Up," where John and Ben are two unlikely prison-cell roomies. Sort of a metaphysical Odd Couple set in a prison. More on that later.

And last night's episode was not bad either. However I was VERY disappointed in the montage scene where Miles and Marvin reconnected, played catch, went fishing, and helped his son with math homework.

-Ben "It's just a show" Steinert

Eryn said...

Punk-rock Miles was awesome.

I also liked the Star Wars notes, and Hurley bashing Ewoks.

oh yeah - the return of Faraday. Where the hell has he been? And why did he leave the island??

The Armeniac said...

You can put Miles as the picture but don't change the title! It's a fantastic pun!

The Armeniac said...

Oh Jesus, that picture makes me feel sick,stuff poking out of other stuff makes me queezy. I won't request you change the pic Maddwell, but I will go to your house and get sick everywhere if you don't.

nms said...

Wasn't it sorta obvious that the baby in the beginning of the season was Miles?

P.s. What lies in the shadow of the statue?

madewell said...

blogger won't let me put spaces between paragraphs.

Stupid blogger.

nms said...

Its safe to assume that Dr. Cheng made his wife and baby leave because of the purge, and thats what I thought at first too. But why would he make them leave 10 years before it happened? Ben was an adult when the 'others' did it, so why make them leave so soon?

Anonymous said...

I think it is much more likely that Cheng sends his family away after The Incident at the Swan station, which is probably when he loses his arm.


Ben said...

Ms. Cheng failed to mention that the reason her husband "left" them was because she cut off his arm.

Alan said...

I'm only leaving a comment to make fun of you for calling people 'crumbs.'

madewell said...

Alan, you're the biggest crumb of all!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A friggen hydrogen bomb lies in the shadow of the statue.

Eryn said...

ooo... I like the theorie from "anonymous."