Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What They Died For

I didn't imagine that Smiths reference right? I'm sure it was on purpose, right? Man, it's nice to have good ol' weasley Ben back, right? And Man In Locke wants to destroy the Island? Awesome. And Jack is Jacob, right? Unless maybe something happens before that fire goes out. It just seems to cut and dry at this point. There has to be a twist, right? Maybe not. I liked Ana Lucia showing up as a crooked cop. Also, it was nice to see Rousseau lookin' fine.


Ben Steinert said...

Yeah, Rousseau cleans up pretty well.

My prediction for the final scene:
Jack and Claire sitting next to each other on the beach looking out at sea. It is hundreds -- or thousands -- of years in the future. In the distance a ship or aeroplane approaches. Jack and Claire challenge each other on the newcomer's mettle. The cycle continues...

Anonymous said...

Alternate universe Desmond might be one of my favorite characters in the history of the show.


The Armeniac said...

Can we talk about the promos at the end of the last two eps? Michele nailed when she said they're just latting interns run wild! Last week had The End playing(I was soooo stoked!), in a terrible promo that would only make Doors nerds like me happy. Then last night the promo was voiced by a fairy tale/ grandma /pixar preview actor. WTF?!

Aslo DB's on it. alternative Desmond is amazing.
PS: Who would the Lost Traveling Wilbury's be?

I'll start it, Desmond is Harrison

talkaboutcharles said...

Ben is Orbison.


Anonymous said...

Orbison = Jacob
Dylan =
Petty =
Harrison = Desmond
Lynn =

I give up. It's too hard!


Amber said...

Petty has to be Sawyer, for realz...

Hurley is totally Lynne, no question.

And I'd have to say I think the Smoke monster would make a pretty awesome Dylan... it crossed my mind to say Kate for look-alike reasons, but she just hasn't done anything cool enough... the Smoke monster on the other hand, he wants to get off the fucking folky-ass island and he doesn't give a shit about anybody... not Joan Baez, not Pete Seeger, not anybody.

"it's the end of the line..."

Anonymous said...

I like it! OK - LOST Travelling Wilburys:

Orbison - Jacob
Dylan - Smoke Monster
Petty - Sawyer
Harrison - Desmond
Lynn - Hurley