Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Wee Bit More.

So, according to CNN, the finale will have an extra 14 minutes or so of footage on the DVD set. I've heard it will only be on the full series box set, but that may not be true. According to Michael Emerson (Ben), this extra scene will take place on island after Jack's death and focus on Hurley's time spent as Jacob. It's kind of lame that it will only be on the DVD, but that is kind of what I was most curious about after the finale was over. Besides, I was going to buy the full series set anyway.

Read about it here.

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nortagemdar said...

While I would love to own the whole series box set I doubt my pocket book will afford it. So if anyone gets it, please, please hold a viewing party and invite me. I promise to only talk when Ben says something Bennish... Which actually may be kind of a lot according to the description of what is on the bonus footage. Hmm.