Monday, May 10, 2010

This Is Amazing

Remember when I used to post the "When Were They Then" videos? This article is way better. Check out Terry O'Quinn up there! Follow the link for more. I think Lapidus is actually my favorite.



Dylan Thomas B. said...

I would hang out with Lapidus any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

I would totally hang out with Lapidus too, just looks like some good times.
Sawyer also has looked like a dick from way back.

yolkie said...

Lapidus has totally become my fav.

Cody said...

Yeah, he's kind of the best. I'm glad he's not dead.

beckler said...

Juliet=total bitchface!

This was in NY Mag today:

In last week's episode, why didn't Sun tell Jin to leave her so he could raise their daughter?
Lindelof: That's a great question. And our only answer for it is that Sun only had about 30 seconds to process the fact that she was going to die. Sun and Jin never had a relationship together with that daughter. Sun had a relationship with her, but Jin did not — she was just a picture on a phone to him. In that moment, she did not tell Jin to leave her side. Partially, in that moment, maybe there was a part of her that wanted him to stay with her. Who knows? We're not really willing to say why characters don't say certain things in certain moments. All we can say is: She did not say that. We did not want that scene to be about their daughter, we wanted it to be about them reuniting

beckler said...

actually, the whole interview is good. lindelof and cuse admit that the bai ling episode was a mistake!

Cody said...

Yeah, I kind of thought of it as Jin realizing that he's probably not getting off of the island anyways. The sub is sinking, the plane was rigged with explosives. So he could die with his wife, that he obviously loves and hasn'thad enough time with, or he could get out and either die another way or live the rest of his life (probably on the island) knowing he broke his promise to never leave her. I also kind of have a feeling that Sun and Jin will end up living happily ever after along with their daughtre in the sideways world, which will be kind of a cop-out if it happens.

Another thing that I heard today was that that scene proves Jin was in fact the candidate; Jin staying behind was his decision to die (and supposedly the candidates can't kill themselves) while Sun was trapped and couldn't have survived if she wanted to. They both died, thus making Sun the candidate.