Thursday, May 20, 2010


Alright everybody, the time is upon us. Let's hear your predictions for the finale. They can be totally obvious, or completely out of left field. Now's the time to throw in your lot so that on Monday morning you can say "Called it!" Post yours in the comments or just tell me why mine are wrong.

Here's mine:

1. Jack won't be the new Jacob (or not for long). It all seems to cut and dry for me. And he was too willing. Jacob didn't want to be the Island's protector, nor was he the Mother's first choice. My guess? Judging by Hurley's "I'm glad it's not me" comment, it will be him.

2. Sayid will be back, and in a big way. If he was a candidate, he probably couldn't die. Although it seems impossible for him to live through that, I'm convinced he's coming back. Perhaps with Lapidus on his coat tails.

3. Desmond will enter the Source, and come out in the flash-sideways. He must convince everyone to go back to the Island in order to insure the timeline where he reunites with Penny takes place. HE FAILS, and everyone lives happily ever after in the flash-sideways but him.

4. The series ends with the new Jacob and MIB sitting on the beach. A new group of survivors are washed ashore. Among them: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Special Agent Dale Cooper, and someone played by Lance Henriksen.

I'm probably wrong. I have a pretty good feeling about that last one though.


madewell said...

I want to make a good prediction, but all the good ones I've heard aren't really mine.

We do know that things will culminate while Jack is operating on John.

And at that concert.

And I also think the Hurley line was foreshadowing.

talkaboutcharles said...

Sawyer = new jacob.

lil' maxwell said...

Original John Locke becomes the protector of the island. His soul is trapped in the smoke monster, and he comes out.

DB said...

First of all, I officially call everything, up to and including everything that I DON'T call. No matter what happens, everybody remember that I called it.

Things that I do call:

1) Jack isn't the new Jake, but Jack will have to make a sacrifice. So many people have given their lives for Jack over the years, I feel live Jack is gonna have to die. Kate also bites it.

2) Parallel universe Desmond is gonna do some creepily confident shit.

3) Juliette returns, obviously.

4) Hurley is the new Jacob. Sayid is the new Smoke Monster.

5) Locke is the new Jacob. Smoke Monster is still the Smoke Monster. Called it!

Eryn said...

The show will end with two people sitting on the beach, looking into the distance on the ocean. One turns to the other and says "Do you know how badly I want to kill you?" and que Lost dramatic ending sound effect and credits.

Who those two will be, who knows. It makes sense that it would be Jack and smoke Locke, but as you guys have pointed out it's too predictable/cut-and-dry, they're going to have it be totally out of left field who those two people end up being.

I really, really hope the ending doesn't simply involve people in the alternate universe "becoming conscious" of their alternate life experiences/time on the island, and going on from there. I really, really hope that doesn't happen.

talkaboutcharles said...

Dan called that too.


nortagemdar said...

I think Hurley will be the new Jacob (called that before when he wanted to talk to dead Libby, 'member? Stickin' to it!). There will be no new MiB and smocke will be gotten rid of somehow. Hurley will get to hang out with Jin, Sun, Libby, Alex, Eko, Charlie, Boone, etc. Boone and Alex kiss and I get a shitload of points. Then Shannon joins in and at the very end they announce that they're making a movie. Rated NC-17. I kind of think Walt will come back, too, with his creepy bird-smashing-into-windows-powers. But I doubt that one and am only calling it just in case. I was the first person to call the Jackrifice so I get the cred on that, right? Right? I think OG Locke will come back, too, but maybe in ghost form as opposed to smoke form. But I don't want to tell him what he can't do. I think somehow Smocke is 'holding back' which ghosts can communicate (libby/locke)? I'm not sure what's going to happen to Kate. But I hope something to do with making out with Sawyer. While he has no shirt on.

nortagemdar said...

Actually now that I think about it, I think lil' maxwell is right. I think Smocke will be in Locke form. They will send Locke's body into the golden vajayjay and somehow this will make Locke the new smocke. Which ties in to then he 'releases' all the ghosts and they're able to chill happily on the island. Kate and Jack will be there. Juliette. Damn. I hope that's what really happens.

Dylan Thomas B. said...

Rose and Bernard are probably the ones who freed Desmond. They tend to show up in the finales.

Also, I believe that the two timelines will merge at the concert. Faraday and Driveshaft will rock sooooo hard, that the time-space continuum will be repaired.

Anonymous said...

I've been calling Hurley as the new Jacob this entire season. I like the idea of Sayid as the new MIB but I can't see it actually happening.

Final scene: Hurley & the new MIB sitting on the beach, reviving the classic Jacob/MIB conversation. In the distance we see Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, George Harrison and Jeff Lynn on a liferaft approaching the island. The cycle starts again.


madewell said...

Richard Alpert = not dead.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and of course fucking Rose & fucking Bernard will hsow up. No way around it.


Anonymous said...

And after the hsow up, they'll show up.


nortagemdar said...

But I called it in writing like in April. Cred goes to the first person to call it in writing, right? I mean I obviously called everything, ever, just moments before DB called everything, ever, including the things that weren't called. But DB gets it because he called everything, ever in writing. I swear I thought I was the first person to say that because it's like the only theory I've ever had about LOST that was halfway possible of actually being true. I would be sad if I ripped it off. Prove it!

Anonymous said...

What if parallel universe shows up on the island again and there's two of everybody!!! Two Jacks, Two Kates, Two Sawyers... they can ALL go cage-bang each other!!! Or is it like back to the future where the two of you can't co-exist without ruining the existence of the other (pictures start to blur, you fall over dramatically, etc.)... but I guess that's not a parallel universe, that's messing with time travel... but are we super-duper sure that parallel universe is in the same time? My real question being: What would happen if there was TWO OF EVERYONE on the island??? riddle me this...

p.s. I haven't watched the episode for this week yet so I have no idea what's going on (tho I certainly hope to see more of Becky's golden vajay-jay... awkward?) Just thought my back to the future & cage-bang idea was worth writing about for kicks...

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, I'm not saying I called it first, just that I called it. I'm no DB over here.


nortagemdar said...

Well, we could always rock/papier/scissors if there is question as to who called something first. But I don't think that will work very well on the blog comments. Errr... Wait. Ok, you go first.