Friday, August 7, 2009

the Constants LOST!

Hey everybody!

We have posted our entry for the Comic-Con main theme contest. If you don't know what that means, lemme explain.

The producers of Lost had a contest for the panel at Comic-Con. The challenge was to write an original song under 60 seconds for what you think would be the theme song to Lost if Lost had a theme song. If you won, then your entry would be played in front of the entire audience attending the Lost Comic-Con panel, with a mock title sequence.

somebody else one.

But now you can listen to our rejected entry! We basically took "Flashbacks", and butchered it to be under 60 seconds, in a true lazy Constants fashion. However, we took more time recording this than we took writing and recording all the other songs you have heard thus far. So listen and enjoy!

Matt (but which one?)

(scary noise)

i mean....

(kinda scary noise)



nortagemdar said...

I just clicked over and watched some junk on The Constants myspace page. I have to ask.

Dear OPM,

Why, if you have a list of, "My Constants," where you list ABC's Official Lost Site, D.C. & a P.B., Lostpedia, etc., would you not include THE Constants as a part of "My Constants?"

Obsessed just totally blew up my brain. But not like in a painful way, like in a good way. Actually, I don't think you feel stuff in your brain since there are no nerves inside there. But I learned that from watching Heroes so I could be wrong.

For those of us not blessed with myspace this was a good (and informative) post.


lil' maxwell said...

I blame it on the man. the cody man! or the madeline man! or me, man, 'cause I never thought of that.

Eryn said...

Wow, I liked your entry but I gotta say the one that won is pretty damn good. No shame in losing to that song. It's definitely got a cheesy 80's Saturday-morning cartoon vibe going on.

nortagemdar said...

Oh no! To be honest, I never got around to listening to the song that won until just now. About 11 seconds in I saw that they had another song called Zombie Apocolypse DEMO and I got worried that they might steal the thunder of PAPS so I clicked on it. I made it through more than 11 seconds of this song but probably that had more to do with the fact that the song didn't start until, like, 1.5 minutes in because they were talking the whole time. But they do eventually say my name a few times.

I forgot what I was saying.

Ben Steinert said...

The polished and quirky rise to the top like foam when you've got less than a minute to work with.

Scrape 'em off, says I!

madeline said...

well, the Madeline Man says that Matthew could've posted a link to his band, if he wanted to.

I leave it in your hands, little brother.