Thursday, July 30, 2009

Damon, Carlton and A Polar Bear

My new favorite LOST blog is Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear if only because it's pretty much what Orange Peel Mouth would be if I took the time to do all the stuff I wanted to instead of just post in the comments of posts that Matt and Madeline write. To further prove I'm a terrible blogger, I only mention this blog because It's easier to just link to it than write a whole post and upload pictures and stuff. So, without further ado, check out Paul Scheer's post on what was written on Charlie's hand at Comic-Con.


nortagemdar said...

Nice use of Labels, Cody. I appreciate the fact that five years from now when I'm desperately looking for this picture, I'll see my selection of labels to choose from and think to myself, "hmmm, which one, which one... OH! Getting stoked for Season 6!" *click*

Eryn said...

I just wanted to share this, my friend posted this in his Facebook status:

" I should mention "Hurley" from ABC's hit TV show Lost sat next to my family on Star Tours and the Matterhorn. "

What a bastard.

Cody said...

dang. that's awesome.

nortagemdar said...

Ben and I got in line behind Dennis Quaid when he was buying his picture from Space Mountain. He seemed like a totally awesome guy judging by his picture and jovial attitude.

Anonymous said...

Netflix just put the first four seasons of "Lost" on Instant Viewing.


P.S.: Not for nothing, but those Matterhorn bobsleds are a tight squeeze even for me. I can't imagine trying to wedge Hurley in there as well.