Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where to Go from Here?

Okay, so the season is over. We're going to try and still maintain the blog through the hiatus, but posting might be a little more ... infrequent. We'll just say it's not our ... primary objective...

No, but really. Here are some thoughts for a LOST blog pre-season 6.

- Scheduled re-watch. I, personally, am going to start rewatching from the middle of Season 2. However, it might be worth it to start from Season 1, if the final season is going to mirror it.

- LOST book club, featuring books that are on the show

- More LOST & Bothered, where were they whens and those types of posts.

- LOST in Sacramento. This would be a man-on-the-street photo type thing... basically asking people in Sac who look like LOST characters if we can take their photos and post them. We've had multiple Hurley sightings already!

What do you think? Is there anything you readers want? Does anyone care? Do you just want to talk about Rose & Bernard? Post Constants lyrics?


The Armeniac said...

Love the idea of pics of lost look-a-likes! But really let's just talk about Rose and Bernard. Question 1: Where was the dharma bud? We all know they had it, those two were zen as shit!
Question2: Don't you think dharma doobs would be the best ever!

madewell said...

I like how question two is really a statement.

Eryn said...

Was the Armeniac high when he posted that? hehe

I think Lost look-alike photos would be awesome.. and Lost & Bothered would be a good way to keep the site alive.

Here's an idea - profiling characters that have been killed off, who perhaps may return at the end of next season