Sunday, March 1, 2009

Poll Results!

In a stunning victory, Juliette wins "sexiest nosebleed".

Poll Results:
Charlotte - 2 votes
Miles - 4 votes
Sawyer - 5 votes
Juliette - 7 votes.

She clearly has more to offer viewers than just cleavage.


Eryn said...

We should have a sexiest puking vote.

P.S. I voted for Miles

madewell said...

you know, I did get some reader feedback that some people did not enjoy the photo of locke puking and even went to the site less because of it...

Anonymous said...

The second Locke puked I knew that would be this week's picture.


Anonymous said...

I think the puke is hilarious, I, for one, visit the site more because of it.

Skipper said...

What the hell was he eating that made him vomit white android puke?

Cody said...

My take on the white puke was it resembles baby spit-up, and, along with the fetal position he's curled up in, represents his "rebirth" through ressurection.

It also reminded me of Bishop from Aliens! I'm glad other people thought so!